Co-marketing with TFC

The Argos should challenge TFC to a touch football game and then play a soccer game all for charity and also co-marketing. I think this would be great. Actually the Lions and Whitecaps and Als and Impact also and whatever other pro teams in soccer are out there with CFL teams.

Just an idea, bored on a Friday afternoon.

Earl, when you get bored, I get worried. :slight_smile:

Thanks DB, better stay on my meds just to be sure of not going over the deep end. :wink:

Why associate the CFL with a crap product like TFC.... They can't draw flies on TV...and just lost to the White Caps...
The White Caps entire salary cap is $200K.
Let TFC have their moment.......until next year or the year after when they fold and move to Austin...or some other place no one cares about soccer.

White Caps entire salary cap $200,000? Wow, i thought it was more like the CFL to be honest but I don't follow soccer so no idea. Good point though Blin.