CNN Piers Morgan calls CFL + NFL a "girly" game

[b]CNN anchor Piers Morgan has irritated scores of viewers during his short time at Larry King’s former desk. His latest comments regarding false football likely won’t change peoples’ opinions.

In a tongue-in-cheek interview with TMZ this week, the British news pundit took aim at American and Canadian football, calling it a “girly? game.

“You have to learn proper football, the real (sport) with the round ball,? he told the gossip site when asked to compare the U.S. to Britain. “And no girly padding or helmets.?

He refused to call it soccer.
“The British football, which like all things is where it all started ... Football: No padding, no helmets.

Asked if that made soccer a tougher sport, Morgan quipped: “You do the math.?

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Umm, considering how often soccer players get "injured" from nothing, I think this idiot has things mixed up.

They wear shin pads. So the "no girly padding" statement is actually false. Besides, North American football is closer to rugby than it is to soccer, and it always has been. He's an arrogant buffoon. It's no wonder he was fired.

Oh well... Not sure I could care any less.

Who cares its one man's opinion, im sure out east they agree and in North America they don't

Good lord, people, he's winding you up. It's not really meant to be serious. Also, the use of 'girly' as a derogative is what should really be an issue.

Obviously a total joke, when I did play soccer I put on a pair of shorts and that was it, sure a few shin bruises, big deal. When I played high school football, pads and the works and had to take down guys to the ground 50 lbs heavier than me and was afraid to lose my life as a defensive back taking down some big f.....n running backs that were bigger than me and faster.

But "girly" this should get this dude in some hot water without a doubt. :o wonder CNN told him they were cancelling his show, not really in touch with reality, the proof of that statement: TMZ is picking him up to do interviews on their fluff channel

Well, its Piers Morgan, so who cares…

… but, I’m pretty sure that the “girly” helmets and padding were introduced because players were literally getting killed in the early days of football. Doesn’t sound very “girly” to me.

This, in a nutshell, is why his show got cancelled. He's just not a likeable guy.

Piers Morgan is a pompous, sanctimonious Pommy twit who came to America as a guest on a work visa and thinks the country should run the way he wants it to. And if there's a flaw in the American system, he'll be the first to tell them about it (witness his nearly nightly criticism of the 2nd Amendment).

I've heard that silly argument from Brits before about the padding. Usually from those who've never really watched the game. If they did they'd soon realize that pro football players launch themselves like missiles because they're wearing pads.

One thing is though, they should never have called our games football. Something more like ruggerball would have been more appropriate. Then this football comparison would not be an issue for anyone.

Actually, American football at its origin was a gentlemanly sport in which upper-class folks from blue-blood colleges wore quilted padding to avoid hurting each other.

Yes, soccer was more for the common man and not quite up to snuff as we have read which is why the Ivy League, and Harvard, so preferred the Canadian rugby game played by McGill and got rid of as much as they could of soccer that they were playing at the time. American football has it's origins in academia in the Ivy League and the rest is history.

And soccer remains, to this day, as a lesser sport for the spectators in terms of numbers, in both Canadian and American universities, than gridiron. Would a soccer university final in Canada ever match a Vanier Cup? I doubt it. In fact, does a Canadian university soccer final even get televised here nationally?

Pfft...anyone who claims the greatness of "British Football" ought to look at how few British players actually play in the British football league, or rather the English league because Scots can barely put up with this kind of crap. Nevermind the nerve of this guys saying "Oh...we don't need padding or helmets". Ya think maybe because you also have no contact in your sport! Add full contact to soccer, and let me know how long the lack of protective equipment lasts.

Soccer players are in ridiculous shape so I won't bash the British version of football. However they also require padding because any contact is frowned upon.

You can't take Morgan seriously. He destroyed the show Larry King Built over decades and his own country doesn't want him back. He's still being investigated in England for wiretapping and insider trading. The guy is an absolute joke. He's Britain version of Conrad

All credit to Canada for the gold medal in hockey once again, the third time this millennium, and we still have your Justin Bieber as part of the lost bet, but damn can you give us a bit of Commonwealth relief by accepting Morgan for a work-study programme in Canada for at least a few years?

C'mon please we've completed our shift of his sh .. have mercy on us on at least this one?

In other news, our beer has improved vastly in the last 20 years.

'tis true. American beer is no longer that watered down swill it once was — unless you stick to the commercial brands such as Coors lite or Bud. There are MANY exceptional craft beers in every region now.

Well, in CFL history it was called “Rugby Football” and the East Division was until 1959 effectively the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union.

Now for those that may get confused again, please don’t start the story about the Grey Cup really belonging to what is currently Rugby Canada that plays rugby union. Although they stem from common roots, there is a continuous history of Rugby Football to the CFL that is attached to the Grey Cup.

Soccer is real major league and is by far the world's most popular sport.

162 COUNTRIES tried to qualify for the last World Cup Of Soccer and MAN. UN. is the most expensive team in sports history.

Canada , missed the boat on that one.

Only 1 country plays CFL football and only 1 country plays NFL football.