C'mon!......what's so annoying about Hamilton anyhow? (vote)

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The Resume
(1784- )
Third largest city in Ontario
Population (city): 504,559 (2006 Census)
Population (metro area): 692,911
Part of the Niagara region
Home of the CFL's Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Why Hamilton, Ontario might be annoying
Due to its reputation of being a steel city, it is nicknamed ' Pittsburgh of the North.'
It tries way too hard to compete with both Toronto and Ottawa.
It has extremely hot and humid summers.
It has ten sister cities.
It has tried numerous times to place a NHL franchise here on numerous occasions.
It amalgamated six different towns into the Hamilton city limits to form the present day city (2001).
The 1996 Grey Cup, known as the 'Snow Bowl,' was held here.

Why Hamilton, Ontario might not be annoying
It is a major tourist attraction in the Niagara region.
It has four universities.
The CFL's Hamilton Tiger-Cats, located in the CFL's third smallest market, play here.
The first Tim Hortons coffee shop opened here (1964).
It is known for its scenery and close proximity to Niagara Falls.
It is home to various tourist attractions such as the African Lion Safari, the Hamilton Art Gallery and the Downtown Arts Centre.

Year In Review:
For 2009, as of last week, Out of 13 Votes: 61.54% Annoying
In 2008, Out of 28 Votes: 53.57% Annoying
In 2007, Out of 133 Votes: 75.94% Annoying

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"It has extremely hot and humid summers."

hahaha My first thought was "try living here in Florida" .. but yes i remember quite a few hot humid days there

As someone who grew up in Niagara and holds a geography degree, that's news to me!

  • paul

Hamilton has for real is staking all the welfare cases and disability people for Oakville, georgetown.toronto,and alot for from burlington too! Then people accuse Hamilton to be bums? Give me a break! Trust me Hamilton doesnt want Torontos problems and Hamilton is not holding thriving by having a NHL team!All toronto does is how bad it stinks because of that garbage strike and how bad thier police are currupt! In the old days when ever toronto would screw things up, Hamilton would come over to clean it up!Thats plain truth and history so read it and weep nahers!

Getting a little worked up there are we?

Hamilton is not annoying, it's historic.

Did you know...?

When Tim Hortons opened their first store on Ottawa Street the price of their doughnuts was 39 cents a dozen. Yes, a dozen! :slight_smile:

Did you know...?

Where Ivor Wynne stands now, the location used to be called Scott's Park?


What's annoying are some of the inaccuracies with this. As Paul said Hamilton isn't part of the Niagara Region. I don't know how it is considered the 3rd largest city in Ontario, Toronto, Ottawa and Mississauga are larger unless Mississauga is lumped into Toronto's CMA. I don't know of any intense Hamilton-Ottawa competition? Toronto...yes! Four universities? Mac and who are the other three? Is there a DeVry campus on Main Street that I don't know about?

They might be counting Redeemer (now a university), Mohawk College, and Columbia College as universities...

Brock has a campus here too