C'mon re-sign Ranek.

So far, I'm not impressed with Looney and Gump not re-signing Ranek. The CFL has got to give Ottawa fans credible ownership. Get rid of Loonie and bring in an owner that has common sense. Ottawa will finish 4th in the East this year out of the play-offs and all the rest of the CFL fans will be blaming Ottawa fans. Stop blaming Ottawa fans for incompetent ownership and management. Loonie and Gump decided NOT to sign Ranek over $20,000. Ranek is a fan favourite and these two bozos show no respect for what the fans want. I'll tell you one thing we don't want that goddamn Crap n' Shoot offence. :x

I think you are wrong because Ranek certainly wont get that offer from any other team. I hope he does sign in Hamilton then when Lumsden gets cut and returns Ranek can see how he likes sitting on the bench.

I agree with ORR, the Glieb's are being cheap.
For another $20,000 we get a credible threat to run the ball and a fan favourite. With word that Haywood might not be resigned this is all pointing to mgmt trying to cut too many corners. Are we going to have a bunch of NFL rejects or US rookie highschoolers to fill the gap for experienced CFL talent? THAT DOESN'T WIN BALL GAMES BOYS!!!!!
I thought Haywood and Ranek had good years - seeing with my un-trained eye - how is that the way to operate; have a good year, don't get your contract re-newed! *UCK!

Experience wins ball games, skimping on proven talent breeds losing!
Is this a friggin' rebuilding year? - Ottawa fans deserve a playoff game!
I hope I'm wrong but this looks like a losing strategy....

How are the gades being cheap? look at the contracts they've handed out so far. IMO, good riddance to Ranek, who would let $20,000 stand in the way of coming back here. Gades have to worry about a "salary cap" and that $130,000 they saved by not signing Ranek will help them somewhere else, like an offensive line.

Have fun in Hamilton with an offensive co-ordinator who was your head coach who rarely let you touch the ball.

The joke ownership and management continues. Anyone heard the Forrest interview with the team1200 yesterday afternoon? He couldn't even remember Kerry Joseph's name. Did you listen to the callers afterwards? People were saying they were considering buying tickets but after listening to Forrest, they're not bothering at all. This is the biggest joke in the league. :lol:

Hudson is now looking somewhere else because they wouldn't shorten his contract. Boy, this team is unravelling pretty fast.