C'mon OBIE


You said you wanted an improved pass rush .
What new palyers in camp do you see proving this as
I don't see it. In fact without Armour and his blitzes , I se eless rush then last year ..We need a good Defensive tckle with CFL experience .

Also , We need a reciever with CFL experience to go with Miles . Miles is likley not good enough to be the primary reciever anyway as he never was in Toronto.

I hope you plan was to try a bunch of rookies and see who suprises and then replace the problem areas with CFL vets that get cut from CFL teams in the next weeks .

I think you have improved the defensive backfield and brought in a lot of good athletes at reciver but D-LINE , Linebacker are sorely lacking ..I like Mariuz but he sure ain't Armour so are from seven looks worse than last year thus far .

I am certainly not panicking . I just don't see any good Dlineman or outside linebackers on the club as of yet . James kinney looks good but who knows if he will have a spot and Matt King too but he is a D-lineman .

Schemes and coaching alone will improve the pass rush IMO.

And watch out for Kori Dickerson and his speed.

What if James Kinney was moved to D-End or outside linebacker? his body is certainly built for it.