Is it only me or anyone else think they should have faked to RB and have Printers sprint out and carry the mail ot pass?

I liked the call. However, Charles Thomas missed a blocking assignment. In fact, he looked confused as to what he should have been doing.

Yes. Why is it that the fans seem to have the ability to call better plays than the coaches?

8) Funny thing, I thought the very same thing while watching that play !!!
 Anytime you are inside the 10 yd line, I would have the QB roll out with that option of either running it himself, or passing it !!

 That puts a lot more pressure on any defence  !!

They all looked confused.

Caulley appeared to be stopped at the 1 on the first down play, which is why they brought in Porter for the sneak. Then when it was actually spotted closer to the 2 they hurried Printers back in with a different play, and the whole thing looked rushed.

Five yards to go and you average 7 yards a carry. Something is wrong with this scenario cause everytime the cats need short yardage they are hard pressed to make it.