c'mon, fess up

what movies did you like that gets bad ratings and reviews from most.

I like Hudson Hawk. I know there was a lot of stupidity in it, but so does many more popular movies.

I liked Bruce and Danny singing and the scenes that they both did were pretty much entertaining to me. That Vatican secret service lady wasn’t so bad either.

I also liked the Jennifer Lopez movie Enough. Lot of people on imdb rated it 10, but many more rated it 1. Overall imdb rating is under 6. I love a movie, or tv show, where women kick mens butts. I love revenge/vigilante movies. I love seeing scumbags get whats coming to them.

Army of Darkness 1992

Evil Dead - 1981

At one time loved this movie but now not so much . Funny movies that at one time would make you jump . Different type horror movie with Bruce Campbell .


Dawn of the Dead 2004

Zombie type movie that I thought was good ; now not so much .

probably will think of others later like Starship Troopers 1997.

The one that stands out the most is

Office Space 1999

who later on video become a success ; very funny but at the release was a bomb .

Office Space

Battlefield Earth

Starship Troopers

Year One

That’s My Boy


Epic Movie

The Evil Dead trilogy of movies still have a massive cult like following.

At the Fan Expo in Toronto a few years ago the lineup to get Bruce Campbell’s autograph was hundreds of people deep.

They have a Netflix show now too .

It really is silly stuff horror / humour .

Campbell plays it so campy especially Army of Darkness it had such great lines .

Jokes and Horror is such a odd mix it works on a certain level > I think I may have out grew it or watched it too much but I can see some still enjoying the ongoing story .

S Mart standing in for K Mart etc … it was great fun .

If you haven’t seen it, you might like the series Stan Against Evil, starring John C. McGinley from Scrubs.

I will have to check it out .

Is it on AMC Canada ?