c'mon everybody

wake up

its the day before Friday night football

How can you be sleeping at a time like this.

There is so much to be done.

Huh?! What? Is it Thursday already?


Another drawback to the triple-headers is that there is such a long time between games! I’ve been crawling out of my skin these past few days, and there’s still another day to go.

Ya but 9-10 straight hours of CFL football is worth the wait.

Triple headers are bit much to take in for one day. Why can’t the league do a double header Friday night and double headers Saturday?

Friday night can be an early eastern conference game and then have a late western conference game that follows. Then Saturday you can choose between two afternoon start times or an afternoon and evening start time. I think this scenario is much better.

I love triple headers. Good food and beer all day.

I blame TSN for this year’s awful scheduling. Look at the crap they pulled in late August into Labour Day weekend.

C’mon CFL get back on top of scheduling.

Yep, especially in the fall. Not much happening outside. Great day to spend on the sofa with some food and a few beers with friends.

Make mine a double.
Or triple

Thursday Friday Saturday or Friday Saturday Sunday double double or 2 1 and 1 are better than this triple header crap.

Thursday and Sunday are off limits now for obvious reasons.

there was a time when games were played almost simultaneously and we would be lucky to see one of them.

This cannot be perfect for everybody. As much as we may not like it, CFL loses in numbers when going up against NFL on a regular basis.

Even when people who like both leagues prefer CFL, they still want to watch NFL games as well.

Bingo. Don’t go up against the monster if you don’t have to.

Oh not suggesting that except perhaps Sunday evenings given the late NFL slate in October gets lame anyway

There were plenty of missed opportunities including on Labor Day weekend. And I don’t give a damn in the US against shamateur college football on Saturdays, for which TSN part-owner ESPN has dominant control of the schedule.

Yeah…but what a Thursday night game…NFL wise.

Oh the tears I could have shed, sigh

Why be afraid of NFL…sick and tired of NFL overated…

…did you even watch the game last night? Not overrated…sure there have been duds, and an equal amount of great games thus far…just like our cherished league, some beauties, some stinkers…

Something we agree with .

This TSN TV show is blinding the masses with the empty seats .

Sunday is the traditional sports day to watch a game .

Sunday afternoons especially in Canada need to be when its warmer out and when more people are available to watch a live sports event outside .

To surrender this day entirely to the NFL to help Bell sell the NFL makes no sense business wise , weather wise , customer wise or future Grey Cup /Playoff wise which is on Sunday .

They the CFL know they need Sundays but quiver in their box and the result is continued flops at the ticket booth .

Do the same thing over and over again expect different results .

The Insane Football League .

Over the years of posters on this site showing ratings, seems to me that the CFL did better head to head on Sundays vs the NFL, than putting two games on Saturday evening head to head against HNIC.

NFL may be a monster, but Hockey rules in this country.

As stated by a previous poster, Sunday was football day. CFL or NFL. Your choice. Watch one or both.
This schedule protects Bell from 2 of their best sports ratings going head to head.

Not only are people generally busier on Saturday than Sunday, my opinion, it reduces opportunities to promote CDN college ball as most games are held on Saturdays.

They should have kept at least one game on Sundays.
Play double header on Saturday (late afternoon and early evening game) during summer. Once NHL starts double header moves to early and late afternoon games to avoid NHL.
Dump Thursday games and move concert Series to Fridays. Have band play during halftime (On TV), but set up concert either before game as part of a tailgate party or have them play after the game just for the local fans. Make Friday a total party night with music and a football game.

No need to bend the knee to a foreign league.