Clutch In The Capital

Wow…Nice job!

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Fantastic piece for Ottawa Fans!!! :thup:

Credit to the Hamilton players who contributed too. It couldn't have been a great time to revisit that whole thing, especially Lawrence. :thup:

Top notch production. Really brings me back to that incredible moment.
I love the sound of the crowd when the catch is made... :smiley:

Never get tired of seeing it

So much set up to that moment . So much here we go again 35 years of it actually .

The fantastic Tasker catch . The Penalty and Burris throwing it right at the Ti Cat the play before .

And then POW .... Bang . Retribution for the Ottawa CFL Fan with one catch at home . You couldn't write a better script.

You can tell not everyone gets it. I see fans of other teams saying that if the DB doesn't fall down, it's just a regular catch.

But they miss the point. As you say, it was symbolic. Like the football gods saying "all right, we've screwed with you guys long enough..." :lol: Those of us who were fans going back to the Rough Riders days, anyway.

For us old-timers who can remember it especially us Cats fans it was simply the curse of Pat Stoqua the sequel 34 years later. I have to admit though looking back on that play and the subsequent plays before it that you couldn't write a script like that for a Hollywood movie and have people believe it. It's even harder to believe that I was at Ivor Wynne for that crazy 102 yd catch by Stoqua in 1981. The video was very well done and although as a Cat fan it's still painful to watch ( I still can't figure out what Gainey was trying to do on it :cry: ) that play will definitely be talked about for years to come and looking back on it, it was almost like it was meant to be by someone high above for you long suffering Great fans of Ottawa that you would win that day. It's like it just wasn't to be for us Cat fans that day......BUT tis' a new year this year and like the old Who song says we "Won't get Fooled Again" :slight_smile:
Good Luck this year guys , especially when you play those Argos and Alouettes but not so much when you play my Cats again at the end of the season. :smiley: :rockin:

Here's a pic for you old timer R.Rider fans of the hero of "81" the first time you pulled off a miracle against the Cats in the East Final. #14-Pat Stoqua.......the slowest receiver I've ever seen. :lol:

Stoqua's kid had been playing at Acadia but I don't think he got much attention (pretty sure his eligibility has run out).

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