Club seats available for ’09 season!

From today’s Province

DOME IMPROVEMENTS The marquee benefit from the planned improvements to B.C. Place Stadium won't be in place and overhead until after the 2010 Winter Olympics, but the Lions are already at work to take advantage of upgrades set to be unveiled next season. Front-office staffers are contacting season-ticket holders offering the opportunity to purchase roughly 1,000 club seats that will be reconfigured into the seating plan at the dome. Similar to the seating arrangements at GM Place, club seat members will have access to food and beverage service, wider seats and access to two planned private lounges. The Lions currently sell access to 35 suites in the dome and as part of the concourse and washroom upgrades that will be in place next season will have their inventory expanded by at least another six suites.
Very cool ... can't wait for the dome improvements. I bet they could sell way more than a 1,000 club seats if they were available. Will it be 500 seats on each side of the stadium? I thought I had initially heard they were planning on replacing all 59,000 seats in the dome, although I haven't seen anything that includes that as part of the renovations.

There is usually a popular youth soccer tournament in BC Place over the xmas holidays but it has been canceled this year due to the renovation work so it must be kicking into high gear as soon as the Lions season is finished.

Renovations have started already. Go for a walk on the upper level. Lots being done up there now.

Thanks for the tip. Having season tickets in level 2, I never go up there. I heard they had started work but hadn't seen anything.
Saturday might be a good chance to go up top and take a look considering I would have to be there at 6 to get a Clermont bobblehead. :lol:

Well all I could see up there was the equipment. Lots of it. (Lifts, scaffolding, Skids of cement) A lot of it had gates. But what I could see was that they were renovating Washrooms and concessions.