Club level seating

Hey Cat fans;

I happened to win some club level tickets for tomorrows game against Ottawa tomorrow afternoon and im wondering what everyones experience with club seats who have been in them before. Do you find the club level food areas to be more expensive then the regular concessions or about the same?? Also, do the people who get the club level tickets do you find most of them just like to chill inside the social area or do you find a lot go out and sit and watch the game also. For me, i dont mind some good food but im out to enjoy the game. Supposed to be 14C tomorrow so not bad i say.

I usually buy midfield seats and never have an issue with being outside the whole game unlike some people who would rather stay inside and watch it on the tv screen in the club level area.

Just wanted everyones opinion


Food is more expensive but better than concessions.

Non alcoholic drinks are free.

People generally take the good spots inside by the glass and stay there the whole game so either get there early or you’ll be in your seats if you prefer.

you’ll have a blast!

That I know.

Coulda swore I heard “concessions”.

Its a very nice view from up there.
I still like to sit outside. I like it once in a while. Usually prefer to be close to the field; with the crazy fans.

Make sure you check out the Hall of fame at half time. It brings back a lot of memories.

I will definately have to check out the hall of fame at half time. Im in my 40s now and grew up with a lot of good times at Ivor Wynne. It will be fitting to make a trip in there on a year i think were going all the way.

No corn on the Cobb in the club seats… Good lasagna though

Fluke timing the on field product has shifted the focus. Won’t take my calls, email, blocked me on Twitter.

They say it’s over.
I say it’s incubating.

I hope you get in. My brother in law also won tickets for the last game. When he arrived he was refused entry saying his tickets were already scanned!

I’ve been 3 times.
First time it was so crowded inside that it took an hour to get through a buffet line, bar overcrowded because there’s not enough seats inside. Was a cold night so being inside was great except you couldn’t get to a window to see so we sat outside in a gale force wind. Second & third time no free food but all window seats gone. Again if it’s cold outside, paying for club seats need to actually have enough indoor seats to eat food.

I gave my tickets away a fourth time.

I’ll take my lower bowl seats anytime.

He still hasnt heard back from the Ticat office as to why that happened

I actually won mine through a raffle Justin Tuggle did online and i won and he wrote to me about my social media account and ticat management customer service gave me a ticketmaster email and i printed off my tickets.

I had a feeling Justin Tuggle wouldn’t lie about this. I felt pretty confident.


And how did you enjoy it ? (assuming you got in)

Sitting in the stands yesterday - what amazing fall weather. Could possibly be the last decent weather day this season. Either way, fan energy is going to be rocking for the eastern final.

I enjoyed my club seats really well. It was a bit more crowded in there then i thought it would be. There are no seats to sit so you do have to stand but its a nice club area. I really enjoyed walking through the hall of fame also.


8)Don’t know where you were at during the game, but there certainly are tables and chairs to sit at if
you want to sit and eat something !!

Not many seats in the bar area (middle of whole Club Level), but each end area there are plenty of
tables and chairs !!

I will admit however that there are not enough to accommodate everyone up there by a long shot.