I hope he grows in to his role as a safety and Mitchell stays at linebacker. He and Robinson certaily came through for us at the end of the game there.

I still miss Gordon. not sure how effective he really was in the grand scheme of things but it was fun watching him let guys catch the ball but hammer them into next week....

Clovis did a good job last night in his 1st game for a rookie :cowboy: i say keep him in, but still sign another db back there. We still need help there, if someone gets hurt :expressionless: were in BIG trouble.

Isnt Edwards still around, I thought he was injured , but did they cut him?

he is still around sambo, still injured though…

Is Edwards injured, or is he dealing with some personal junk, as reported during training camp?

Clovis he a good game in BC, nice pick at the end. Good to see Mitchell back at linebacker. What happened to T.J. Stancil? I don't remember hearing his name too often.

Stancil is injured.
Edwards had knee surgury, and was then given permission to leave the team/city to deal with other issues while he rehabbed.
He is back practicing for the first time since training camp and simply was not ready this week.
Clovis did real good for a rookie, but there were a few glaring errors as well.
Jackie did play great, but if you want to get both Stancil and Mitchell on the field at the same time, the Mitchell as safety experiment may not be over just yet.
Time will tell.

good to see tristan is playing well out west,i know him from mcmaster since i volunteer for there team.