Clovis will sit. Rightfully so.

I believe Clovis has to sit out. The past three games we have been getting destroyed by receviers.

That Geroy Simon play was mind blowing. How a safety can be sitting 10 yards shy of the Endzone on a 3rd down last mintute, must stop drive play is beyond me.

In those conditions there should never be a receiver WIDE OPEN in the endzone. That may have been a coaching error but either way, a player is on the field and common sense comes into mind.

Scott Gordon has played with us for a while now and he will show us what he has to offer. Good Luck Gordon.

It is always a shame when a professional athlete commits an error as Mr. Clovis did. I personally believe that in this case, it is a lack of experience but make no mistake he will improve with time. Having said that, the correct decision was made by coach Austin to sit him out for the next game this will enable Clovis to reflect, slow down the game in his mind and mature as a professional athlete.
Another important observation in my part as a Rider fan,is concerning quaterback Kerry joseph and the lack of confidence he seems to show on the field. Kerry possesses tremendous athletic abilities as well as a great throwing arm but unfortunately it seems to me that he lacks a bit of confidence in his ability to make decisions on the field.
This is not only demonstrated on his play action decision abilities, weather to run or take a suck but also on his facial expression,a look of unsureness it translates to lack of leadership. The last two quaterbacks that showed true confidence and leadership abilities were Ron Lancaster and Kent Austin. The great news is that you are either grow up being confident
or you aquire this talent with this case I'm sure that coach Austin will need to bring in a personal motivator to make Kerry Joseph understand and not believe but positively KNOW that he is the best quarterback on the field at game time..WITHOUT A Doubt
in his mind and that he needs to expect to win every game that he is a part of and this goes for everyone of the players on the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football team...No Doubt about it. This is the way that great atheltes like Wayne Gratzky and michael Jordan, to name a few,
truly operate, they know that they are the best and will win every game that they participate in. I do hope that every player on the saskatchewan Roughriders football team trully begins to believe and know that they are the best as individuals players but most importantly that they are a better player
the player across the line, his opponent. No Fear!! Good Luck Riders!!

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