cloud is forming over head

hey TO fans seems my blue got another chance to play you again. it should be one hell of a game. just be aware of the cloud that is forming over your city that is filled with lightning, and no this time it's not the smog.

this is the matchup i wanted to see...the 2 top teams in the east playing for a chance at the grey cup game....the way it shoulda be.

good job bombers taking out the trash ( meaning the 8-10 als )

Hopefully the Bombers will be healthy enough to give the Argos a run for their money this time.
Until that Saskatchewan game, I thought Bishop was the lousiest starting QB in the CFL. What a masterpiece he performed to capture 1st place! May the best team win.

If the Bomber Defense plays as well as they did (for the most part) against the als...then im more than Confident the Bombers can eliminate Toronto.

Looks like 2nd place worked in our favour...we got to beat Montreal as a morale booster...and now we are heading into Toronto with a ton of Confidence in all aspects of our game.

Glenn looked alot Better
Recievers Caught Passes
Defense....Nuff said
and Troy Westwood...from nothing to Hero.

Toronto watch out. We want this cup. For the fans, the city and for Milt.

Should be one hell of a game.

I'm confident that if the Bombers can hang on to the ball...they'll win.

Sounds like a lot of bravado bluster to me. lol

Yes, Winnipeg did a lot of things right. But it wasn't against the Argo "D".

I suggest that Kevin Glenn get to Toronto early this week, go to a court house & get a restraining order issued against the Argo defence with a condition "not to go within 100 meters from him".

That may be his only chance from getting harassed all day long.

What is the spread on this game -10 for the Argos at least.

Bombers had two teams this year, the first and second half of the year. You never know which Bomber team team is going to show up. I suspect the 1st half Bombers will show up and surprise a lot of people.

This is the 2007 Grey Cup

Winnipeg 20 Toronto 07

It should be a good game.

What are the ticket sales at for Toronto, BC just hit 43,000, Toronto gonna be able to hit 40,000 with the grey cup?

I'll guess it will be 2.5-3.5 for the Argos. Close game either way.

lighting will strike the dome and yes the roof will come off after the argo's lose the biggest game of the year for them.which blue bomber team that shows up well it is like this don't matter, blue and gold will get it done running all over the argo's oline and dline. argos will never get a shot at glen, but the walls and canada with asst from simpons will tear apart the argos o-line.
final score will be argos 19 blue 27 :rockin:

Charles Roberts is the key to this game. If he's close to 100%, the Bombers will win. If the Argos shut him down, then the Argos will win.
After last week vs. Saskatchewan, they might want to put a windtunnel in Skydome to bring out the best in Michael Bishop.

I agree spidey, Roberts could be the difference maker in this one.

I believe I heard the spread is -6.5.

Bombers by a Westwide single. :wink: