Closing the 500 level

I feel this is not a smart decision. Last year the club averaged 30,931 fans per game.

that is where Cheep Seats where
They had the Best Views of Plays .

i hate the 500 level. so far from the action, and when a big play happens, your all alone up there and not with the 'crowd'. id rather watch on tv then be up there.

i like center field in the 100 level, myself

I just think the option should still remain for the fan. Some people like the 500 level. It seems like the Argos are trying to sqeeze a few more bucks out of the fans by closing the cheaper seats.
Has it been stated that the 500 level will be opened once the entire lower levels are sold for a particular game?

This is a very bad idea. Has Brad Watters written all over it. If the Argos were averaging 14 000 fans last year I might think it was a good idea. Trying to create a demand like in Montreal will not work by closing off a section. People aren't dumb and know that Rogers Centre can hold over 50 don't think you are so clever "creating" a demand for tickets. Sales have been going up the last few years. Let the trend continue and open up the 500's!