Closing 500s in 2008

I have season seats in the 500 level. The Argos sent us renewal package three weeks ago for the 500 level, and now the website (and the Argos) say that the 500s are closed next year. And the prices downstairs have increased since the renewals arrived too.

Is this BS with the Bills driving this? Are they trying to force the stinking NFL lovers to buy expensive tickets downstairs before they can buy NFL tickets?

The Argos are treating everyone like crap right now and are making me reconsider whether I want to continue buying tickets from them (after 21 seasons as a season ticket holder).

After 21 years, you have definetly seen the ups and downs of following this franchise. The current state of affairs is something that many of us thought was only a dream. In 1995, were you not there along with me and 12 000 others for a game? Never mind the 500 level, the 100 level could have been closed.
500 has only been open for a few years now, I'm sure you can find another seat. And if thats you only complaint not too renew, than wow, don't you forget the hard times.

Remember good times in 87, the Rocket in 91, Pinball's East final TD catch from Flutie, 2004 - when noone gave us a chance. You were with us then and us diehards are reaping a healthier, stronger CFL that we helped build, your gonna leave now?

The site empahisizes NEW season ticket holders. Are you sure they're not grandfathering your season tickets for that level or is it completely closed?

This is all about making some dough at the expense of the Buffalo Bills and their travelling road show.
You want a good seat for the Buffalo Bill road show, no problem, you buy an Argo sesason ticket. It's called two for the price of one. lol I love it. The Argos bottom line does as well.