Clock ticking on BC Place?

Found this in the Globe today: … ry/Sports/

Looks like talk has started about tearing down BC Place after the 2010 Olympics.

So, Lions fans in particular,

Is there any substance to this story? What alternatives would the Lions have? Where could they build a new stadium in Vancouver? Any thoughts?

I have never been to a game there. What is the atmosphere like? I am aware that they were having trouble filling it. Would the Lions be better off with a smaller stadium, say around 30,000 or so? How about the issue of open air versus dome?

…I saw (and played @ HS level) football games in Empire stadium and spectated many event at BC Place…nothing beats a smaller intimate environment…but fill up BC Place, Commonwealth, Rogers Centre or the Big Owe and it becomes a total experience…on your specific questions toe I think the lions would be better off in a 30K stadium spotted somewhere in Burnaby/Surrey/Richmond (something close to Skytrain)…and open air vs/ dome, go with the open air, everyone in Seattle intiially groaned at their new stadium and they’ve hardly played any games in the rain…

There were rumours flying around when the Lions had those “Bad Years” about how bad BC Place is. Yada Yada Yada. Since last years turn around, the phone in talk shows hardly mention the stadium any more. (Hmmm amazing what winning does to the average fan attitude) The Globe article that Horus found is typical of the rumours floating around. How accurate they are? Who knows?

There was talk that after the Olympics, the building would be demolished for condos. So far only speculation. There was an article in the Vancouver Province Newspaper today that I missed at the coffee shop about BC Place, so I’ll have to grab it and read it. (Maybe it is the same one Horus found in the Globe & Mail)

When it’s half full the atmosphere is not really good. I was there for the last game last year against Saskatchewan, and went to all those games in the 80’s when the building was full and rocking. It was a great atmosphere then!The hotdogs are cold and the beer is warm and parking is outrageuos. The sound system echos pretty badly too unless the building is full. So BC Place does have it’s “warts”.

There was talk about building a stadium out in the Surrey area. The talk was a grass field to shale with the soccer team. So far it’s been all tak and really no concrete plans.

Personally, I’d prefer a Stadium in Surrey. Less downtown congestion. Closer to the burbs. The out of town fans would probably not like it as it is an hour comute from down town.

All sorts of Pros & Cons to weigh!

Open air stadiums make a huge difference.

Every once in a while there’s talk in Edmonton about putting a dome onto Commonwealth, but every year there are 5 or 6 home games where attendance goes up because the weather is gorgeous. I don’t want to sit indoors to watch a football game on a beautiful summer evening when it’s nice outside.

Sure, the weather sucks for a few games, but it’s still more fun being outdoors. Heck, Commonwealth sold out for a hockey game in -20 C!

The weather is nice enough in Vancouver to attract people to an an outdoor stadium.

if they were considering an outdoor venue…maybe they could partner up with a soccer franchise and build one together…oooops where have I heard that one before …STAY in the ‘place’…its better than skydump… :!:

No way, papa…I’ve been to both and SkyDome is by far a better venue when you consider concessions, sight lines, etc.

I disagree, by far and away B.C. Place is the best of the three dome stadiums in Canada. I have season tickets at Skydome and the sight lines are brutal. In fact, the place should have been renamed Skydump. When adding the so called food into the mix, again the Skydump is the worst. I wont even mention the beautiful view and the gorgeous Vancouver skyline. Keep what you have B.C., it’s the other two domes that have to be torn down.

What view!!! And you didn’t mention whether you’d been to BCP…I’ve been to both and I’m tellin’ ya…SkyDome is a better football experience.

There three domes in Canada? Oh, the Big Owe? I thought that with all the holes in the ceiling it could no longer be considered “le dome”…nyuk, I’m soooo funny… :shock:

Eski-Moses, I have been to B.C. Place and the view and sightlines even though same was in the end zones was far superior to my tickets in the Skydump. The 100 section is terrible for the poor sight lines, way too gradual and far from the field. It’s like I am lying down and watching the game. On top of which I have the so called superior vantage point at the 55 yard line?

both of these covered stadiums were overbuilt for a CFL. regular season game (good capacity for the CUP though.)…Wpg. is now considering a new covered stadium and the plans will be submitted in June…I hope they have learned from BC.‘s and TO’s design mistakes and implement a feasible plan. Still say BC’.s has the edge in the covered stadium dept. :!:

I hope they do not tear it down. BC place is not just the home of the Lions but also a landmark in Vancouver.

Let me set my stance right from the beginning. I have never been to BCP. I have watched the Expos in the “Stade Olympique”. I have watched lots of football games in Varsity, Ivor Wynn, Percival Molson, (formerly) Landsdowne, Exhibition and (formerly) SkyDome.

The smaller stadiums are definately more fun, because they’re easier to fill. So nine times out of ten, you’re probably going to have a better game experience there than in the biggies.

It is interesting to note that Commonwealth has escaped any critisim. I believe that Commonwealth is the best looking stadium in the league and I would love to watch a game there. But I could only imagine what it would be like when you have a crowd of 22,000 on a rainy night in October.

As far as the “domes” go, Rogers Centre has to be the best of the three because of the roof (it still works), the seating (it can be adjusted for football) and sound (it is clear, even when the fans don’t show up). It is also better situated in the city as compared to Olympic. (Sorry, I don’t know about BCP).

In short. Fill the damn stadium and everyone will forget about how “crappy” the big stadium is. Right Edmonton fans?

Well, I feel like I’m lying down at BCP. But whatever. I don’t have to watch there so I couldn’t give a g-cup. But I do like the SkyDome and that’s where I watch so we’ll agree to disagree then. 8)

From what I have heard they are building a speed skating or some olympic venue that is outdoors, it will fill about 30,000 people and it is to be shared between the Lions and the White Caps. So if this is true as reported by Sportsnet news last year then there wouldn’t be a need for BC Place.