Clock Stoppage on kicks and punts

In CFL, when a players receives a punt /kick, can he kneel and stop the clock? Is it different for a punt and a kick?

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They can take a knee only after they receive the punt/kick.

As for the clock, on a kickoff the clock starts when the ball is touched by a player after it goes beyond 10 yards from the kick line.

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Generally, if a team wishes to stop the clock, they will take the ball out of bounds. This stops the clock, but not the 20 second clock, until the ball is snapped.

If a player takes a knee, I believe the clock starts on the referee’s whistle.

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Perhaps a bit off topic, but the worst parts of CFL clock management is running time during a convert (unless after the 3 minute warning). This, depending on how many touchdowns are scored in a game takes away as much as 2 minutes of playing time throughout the game. Also, the 20 second clock has become somewhat of a joke. The game clock runs off 10+ seconds to allow for substitutions before the play clock is whistled in. Canadian used to mock the NFL play clock, but the NFL actually runs more plays per game than the CFL does.

It is a total joke!
It is compliably at the refs discretion as when to start the 20 second clock

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Yes but on a kick there's a change of possession (at least 99.999% of the time) and change pf possession stops the clock (at the end of the play) until the next snap.

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I did not know that! Thank you.

Actually, that's not true. Only in the last 3 minutes of half is it stopped until the next snap on change of possession. The other 27 minutes of each half, it is stopped until the officials spot the ball and blow in play. If a team uses all 20 seconds of the play clock in this scenario, you lose 20 seconds of game clock.


They also run the clock on point after attempts outside of 3 minutes of each half.

Well that's one rule I wish were changed such that all convert attempts were untimed possessions. It's not a regular offensive play anyway. It's pass / fail / super-fail (2 points the other way) only.

No l like it the way it is. In the CFL the pros have to do more with less.