Clock Mismanagement parts 1,2,3

3 things upset me last night. The second and fourth quarters are longer based on the fact that the clock stops more during the final 3 minutes. When the wind is playing such a large factor in the game as it was last night, it should have been imperative to be going with the wind in at least one of those quarters.
Secondly, Calgary was setting up for the game-tying field goal with 16 seconds left. Why didn't the Ticats call a timeout. That way, after the field goal, they would have had about 11 seconds to get in a couple of plays and possibly have a chance to take the lead.
Thirdly, and this is not quite as upsetting as the first two, but I bought the tickets online that included a tumbler in the advertisement for the game (not that I really need something else to drink out of). I never received a tumbler, and I didn't see any evidence of tumblers anywhere at the game.


Agree. We never seem to be on the ball when it comes to managing the clock. At the end of the first half as well we had the ball at around midfield on second down and completed a pass to around the 46 with something like 12 seconds left. Instead of calling time out and seeing if they could get any closer for a field goal they just downed the ball.


Were they not kicking in to the wind at the half . Perhaps the fear of a missed field goal and a subsequent return caused them to be cautious . Kind of a damned if you do and damned if you don't moment .

older and greyer after last night

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The issue of wind has been an issue with Cats for years. When will the coach or management understand about the stop time in the 2nd and 4th quarters. Something needs to change!

Maybe someone, not something needs to change.

We couldn't find any evidence of the alleged $5 beers before the game.

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Why did we kick off in the third quarter?
According to the tv announcers, Calgary deferred to the second half, and took the wind in the fourth.
If that was the case, then we could have received.

If Calgary actually chose to receive, then wouldn’t we have taken the wind in the fourth?

I don’t like Winnipeg’s coach, but he sure seems razor sharp in his game management. I sometimes wonder if our coach is even paying attention.


When Calgary deferred at the start of the game I mentioned to my friend I was sitting with that they wanted the wind in the fourth.

Not surprisingly, down 24-3 Calgary changed their strategy and took the ball to start the third quarter leaving the Ticats to choose an end.

I was confused when they took the wind in the third instead of the fourth so I opened the Weather Network app and peaked at the hourly forecast. The wind was forecast to gradually decrease over the next couple hours.

The only plausible reason I can see for taking the wind in the third was that they didn’t think it would be a significant factor in the fourth. I think it did calm some, but it was still significant late in the game.

None of this would have mattered in the least had the team converted on either of their third quarter red zone possessions, had Dane not been stripped on the QB sneak, or had our D had a better second half.


Like who?


Any stadium concession that cells beer. I got one no problem.

Ahh, we we're expecting the Coors Light station they had in previous years. Thanks, now i know where to go next game!

Just go to the concessions and ask? Never had a problem.

first of all $5 for a coors light is ridiculous. Secondly, is Coors light really beer?


I think so, 2.2 billion reasons to say yes.

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Those look like US sales. What do they know about beer? :wink:


Most of those beers on that list are horrible. Especially if you've been drinking good quality craft beer from some of the smaller brewers.


I kind 'a like Schlitz (Shiltz?) myself.

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I would still give Evans a few more games. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha, ha! I'm sure Caleb will improve over time! BTW do you remember Zager (Zuger?) and Evans back in the year 2525?

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I wonder if Zager was ever snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? :smile: