at the end of the day, missed calls happen in every sport. If you expect perfection stick to video games. Yeah, it sucks, and everyone gets irate at times, understandably so...been there many times myself...but it is what it is.

Look at the "catch" late in the game that went the Lions way, resulting in a 2nd and long catch, leading to a TD. It was not a catch, clearly, BUT they simply had a tough break with the "catch" call. I can not fault the refs call on the play...the ref right there could not see the ball at all because it was shielded by the body of the receiver, and called upon another ref to pass judgement. The 2nd ref was like 35 yards down field, looking straight on at the ball...tough to see a bounce with no angle. I was happy to see them get together on it, even if they did get it wrong. Bad/missed calls happen, and that is not changing...ever.

None of there refs want to miss a call or get it wrong, but they are only human. If you say you have never mad an error at work or in school or in whatever it is you do, you are only fooling yourself. Get you butt out there and volunteer to ref a minor league of some sort, then chirp how bad they are.

Hear, hear.

I have been officiating ice hockey for 20 years and ball hockey for 12 years so that should qualify me?

I love how people who defend officials always use the "they're human" excuse and never go further. Yes they will make mistakes and you don't fire someone for one mistake but if nothing is done to correct the mistake it will happen again. Training, education, reviewing game films and discussing game situations with other officials is how you get better and they need to be full time for that. I know it's a broken record but these guys will get no better than they are now (which is average at best) until they're full time.

cfl officials are no worse than any other officials in any other league in any other sport in any other country. Fans of every league complain about their officials and there are always idiots for every league that claim their officials to be the worse.

and I am sure you have never missed a call

and I am sure you have never missed a call.

how much would you pay said full-time refs? I believe it would need to start at 75K a year to get decent folks in. Are you going to pay a ref as much as a player? Until the lowest paid player makes over 100K a year, this is an unrealistic option.

A ref can do 18 games a year. In the NBA or NHL or MLB, for example, they can easily do well over 50 games a year...a lot easier to pony up full time wages. It is simply not a financially sound decision. the league simply does not have millions to put towards reffing. There are 14 officials per game, x 4 games a week....that means you realistically need 4 crews and some spares, so 60 officials x 75k average wage x 1.4 (workers comp, benefits, EI premiums, pension, etc...40% over and above a wage is on the low end) = 6.3 Mil a year for refs, plus accommodations (which are mute as they are already a cost). Right now the regular season is going to run the league around 900K a year. It is simply unrealistic

how do you propose to have full time refs in the cfl anyhow. What do they do all the time they are not reffing games. How do they "practice"? How exactly do you think being on full time payroll will make improve anything?

Personally I think it would be great...they could all meet mid wick for a couple days and review some calls, missed calls, etc...they would have more time for it because they would have this as their primary source of income, not their 'real' job. It just is not fiscally responsible.

The NFL would be the same. NBA refs make 100-600K experience depending, NHL 110-350k, MLB start at around 120k. Now, these guys ref 5 times the games, but if you want to make it full-time, then a fair living must also be earn-able...75K is about appropriate. If the NFL had full time it would be 13 officials x probably 120K (starting) x 1.4 x 16 games/week...guess they see the 35Mil price tag as too lofty as well for one game a week.

if the league played 35 games per team per year, then perhaps.

I agree with your statement...essentially it is nice to have dreams, but at some point you need to cross that vision with reality.

the thing is, no matter how much you review the videos, it doesnt change the way things look on the field in real time. That said, I am sure they dont just show up at games and that it. I am sure they still spend time between games discussing things in order to continue to try to improve as much as they can. I would bet that they also spend time on such between seasons as well. I think any significant amount of additional time would not make any noticable difference. However, I am sure they would all love to be paid for some golfing time :wink:

The Hawkins block was from the side. You must have your helmet infront of the defender when makign a block. Hawkins did not hit him from behind at all, and was a perfectly legal block.

If we really wanted to pick the refs apart in the Rider/BC game, what about the fumble in the first half that Saskatchewan challenged, but it was ruled his "forward motion" had stop, when in fact the runner's feet continued to move forward? Or how about the big "catch" on BC's last touchdown drive were A. the ball clearly hits the ground and B. the reciever is clearly out of bounds when he catches it? Without that play, BC is attempting a long field goal, and to be honest McCallum wasnt exactly on in that game.

I would agree that it is tough being a ref but to expect people to ignore the mistakes is not reasonable either, particularly when the mistakes effect the outcome of the game. I brought this up because because the same missed call resulted in 3 touchdowns and in my opinion the officials need to address anything that is missed with that level of consistancy, 3 missed clips on one afternoon.

If Saskatchewan was not the beneficiary of one of the errors, I doubt that you would be quite so understanding.

Try looking at it without the green coloured glasses. There was no way that block was from the side.

The challenge had nothing to do with the runners feet, it was blown dead, plain and simple. The ball did hit the ground, had Saskatchewan not wasted a challenge on the previously mentioned play, they would have been able to challenge and would have won the challenge.

Besides those plays did not affect the outcome of the game, the clip (yes it was a clip) did.

How can you tell whether it was just jersey or whether he had a grip on the back of the shoulder pads underneath the jersey?

well, if not for getting a break (or not, I am not going to argue that either way) on the clip, the catch would have had a huge impact on the game. The Riders scored 7 off of the return/clip, the Lions scored 7 off of the catch drive. Take away the return, assume all else stayed the same, and the catch potentially leads to the winning points. Saying it had no bearing on the outcome is not a fair statement simply because it did not result in a win. Both plays had huge impacts on the game.

These plays are going to happen now and then, and teams know they are going to happen. The Riders fortunately did not collapse after the catch, just as the Lions did not collapse after the return...signs that both teams are well managed.

Because he was able to pull it well away from the player's body. Shoulder pads would not have pulled away that much.

You talking about officials or players? I find it puzzling that people blindly support officials and write off all mistakes as "just being human" yet when it's a player or coach of their team even the smallest mistake can be call for trade or firing if it costs a game.

Re read what you posted above and tell me honestly, can you apply that statement to the players?

from a perfect view you are correct…

Looks as if Hawkins gets his shoulder in front of the BC player. Would have been a close call to make.

Also, looking at the highlights provided by the CFL main page, at about 2:30 seconds there is a blatant pass interferance on Effrim Hill. Had that penalty been called, Saskatchewan may or may not score a touchdown instead of kicking the field goal.

My point is, there is a lot of "what ifs" going both ways. The BC Lion running back fumbles on the one play but because of a quick whistle, the play is blown dead. That has an impact later on in the game as the BC Lion player does not catch a long pass to keep the drive going, and eventually a touchdown. The better team won, and to say that it was the refs who gave the Riders the game is completly ludicris.

Who is blindly supporting? Everyone says there is room for improvement, and full time refs is a great theory, even if unrealistic at this time. Players are held more accountable because they are full time, and there are substitutes available. Refs get less games if their rating goes down...Higgy explained this last season.

Exactly. See my earlier post. While I was annoyed by the call, I understood why the official made it.