When did blocking from the rear get removed from the rule book? In my opinion all 3 runbacks for TD's today could have been called back for clips. Fortunately the calls went in the favour of the teams I was pulling for.

If Gismo Williams had blocks that loosely called he would have scored another 100 or so touchdowns. :cowboy:

There is an illegal block of some sort on every play depending on how hard you choose to look.

If so, then why are some called and others not?

VOR- I wondered the same thing for a few years now.

This again.. let's not forget Toronto also got away with a late hit out of bounds (chevon walker ran out stopped at the sign and was speared into it, no flag.), couple PI's against Toronto were missed (most notably against Dave Stala, he tried to run back to catch the ball near the 10 and he would've, but a Toronto DB hooked both of his arms and pulled him backwards), the Bakari Grant fumble which apparently didn't merit at least a look.Bad calls go both ways, ESPECIALLY in the CFL.Oh and one more just for fun, Carlos Thomas touched a Toronto wr's back for a split second, no pull, no push, and since he dropped it they called pi.Beauty.

Blame Cortez for that. He could have challenged it but he would have lost since the replay showed the correct call was made.

because at some point you need to let the players decide it. it would just be a track meet with a ball in play otherwise. the line has some sort of questionable play almost every play. DBs push to find their limits with rubs. Blockers do their best to block from the side w/o it being called a clip. It is the nature of the is the nature of man...push boundaries, pull back a hair when it starts hurting you.

I am not saying there are not blocks and what not that are missed...there are a few every game that I felt should have been called as is just an inherent part of the game. I have seen players literally tackled from behind when they are going in pursuit...pisses me off, but it happens. You also see a lot more of said blocks when at games, especially on returns. The refs need to look at the play and decide if it was either a blatant wrong doing, or if it had an immediate and definite impact on the progress of of the ball. Sometimes there is a bad block and the ref will feel that it really didn't impact the play...sometimes they simply miss it...there is a lot of action during a return.

When is this point? Do the refs say" well, I haven’t called one in a while, now is a good time". Are they there to ref or let the players decide?..the inconsistency is what bothers me.

Well, if they called every infraction, the game would be unwatchable. If they ignored everything, they wouldn't be doing their jobs, and the players and coaches would complain. So they call flagrant fouls that they happen to see, at intervals.

Refs and the League review and rate reffing on each game.

The goal is consistency...not "oh I I them one for that one I missed before." In hockey players learn their limits with the refs, same goes in football. I hate missed interference calls (more so when it is called and really shouldn't be) and missed "catches" but also realize it happens...we often benefit, as fans, from better angles of view than a ref, as well as replay on every play to pass judgment, Refs have to make a split second decision.

A ref was fired over the brutal call on the goal line last season (I believe it was Carr receiving)....I agreed with that. A missed call here and there is disappointing...Rider fans would be calling bloody murder if they had lost after the "catch" call late in the game. The block may very well have been a clip...the blocker saw Jackson in the endzone, took a shot...likely realizing that IF he got called it would be worse field position spotted, and a single awarded (I am not sure if a single would have been given or not)...risk vs was worth taking, and he got the break he was hoping for.

if a potentially missed illegal block or holding is this rattling to you a full game must really stress you out.

I just watched the replay of the Tristan Jackson return, and no doubt not only the officials were asleep but so was Suitor on the replay if not also deceptive to call the block by number 90, Hawkins, a key "block."

You Riders especially watch the video clip in the highlights at about 2:58 in real time and then the slow motion replay after you clear your eyes:

Immediately I remembered this new thread.

It was an easy call on that play and not close, and shame on Suitor. At least he could have done the officials the courtesy of ignoring the missed call rather than resorting to deception.

Like the official trailing the play, apparently no one was paying attention just like the BC special teams who did not chase down the play after the missed field goal.

Officials should be at least alert for clipping penalties on any special teams plays as they are for no yards anyways.

There's bad calls both ways so it's OK.


That's the biggest cop out there is. No excuse for poor officiating and that's what we had this weekend from the on field guys to the video review. Saskatchewan's winning touchdown was the result of an illegal block at the beginning of the run back at the 1 yard line, Hamilton's miss field goal return had 2 illegal blocks (one on Prefontaine) on that run back and their last touchdown was aided by a phantom horse collar tackle penalty (what part of tackle do they not understand because there was no tackle on that play.

These were errors that can be corrected, however what Higgins and the video review crew did (or rather did not) is unforgivable and they should all be fired. Failing to review the time left on the official game clock (which has been done before) was nothing short of complete laziness. Where on field officials made several obvious errors this weekend the video review crew failed to even attempt to do their job. Higgins has to go. Act like that in any other job (yeah, I just don't want to do that today so I'm not going to) and you'd be unemployed before you had time to blink.

This weekend had 3 of 4 games impacted by officiating and that's way too much. Fire Higgins and hire some who has some experience in officiating (would you hire Jake Ireland to coach your team? same idea) and hire on officials full time. At least the key positions if not not entire crew. When players make mistakes in a game they have practice and game film sessions during the week to work on those mistakes. How can an official improve when he off working a full time Mon-Fri job that has nothing to do with football. Amateur part time officials calling a game played by full time professional players is a recipe for disaster, especially when the guy in charge of the officials has no clue how to officiate because he's never done it.

Ah, the semi-annual "The Refs Aren't Allowed to be Humans But I Am Divine" thread ...

And you would rather ignore their mistakes and take no action to correct it and improve the quality of game they call? By that logic the Argos should have stuck with Cleo Lemon because "he's human" and Edmonton should be happy to have Jyles regardless of his play.

Ah, the semi-annual "Leave the officials alone they're human" response to "The Refs Aren't Allowed to be Humans But I Am Divine" thread from the same faction that screams for the head of their coach or trading the QB when things go bad. Officials are human but coach's and players MUST be perfect. :roll:

Officials are part-time employees of the CFL. They can't live on what they make officiating. If you want them to improve, pay them a better wage and invest more money in training them.


Agreed on both plays. In Saskatchewan`s case, if called, BC would have been given a choice between a single point or giving Saskatchewan the ball at the 10(?) yard line. In Hamilton's, the hit on Prefontaine was in Toronto's end; if the penalty had been called, Hamilton would have been given the ball around midfield. There was also a missed hold at the beginning of Brown's TD return against Hamilton last week; BC would have been given the ball deep in their own end. Probably a few others missed as well. Most likely, it came down to the angles the officials had on the plays.

Actually, unlike the previous horsecollar call in the game (grab on that play was at the player's name, not at the collar), there was a horsecollar on this play, but the player let go. Just because it did not result in the player being hauled down, it was still an illegal (and dangerous) tactic and was correctly called.

No it hasn't. Previous clock adjustments were called in by the timekeeper, and were not video reviews.

And not allowed by the rules. Why? Because there are enough safeguards around the clock. I expect that one of the linesmen or the line judge has the responsibility to watch the clock in the last three minutes to determine the time when the whistle is blown. That was most likely the official that the referee consulted at the end of the game.

Are you asking that every play be reviewed to see whether any infractions occurred, or to make sure that the calls made by the officials were correct? How much time would that add to every game? Video reviews are done under three conditions, when a challenge flag is thrown by a coach, on a scoring play, and in the last three minutes of the game (or is it half?), and only to review specific things. Which of those times did they not do their job?

Agreed that officials should be full time, and that they should be paid as such. They should spend their time between games reviewing game films in an effort to improve their skills. But I also think they do a pretty good job, making very few mistakes considering the number of plays they have to call, the speed of the games, and the angles they have on the plays. And I think Higgins has done a reasonable job addressing any issues.

Actually it is still considered a horsecollar tackle if the player is grabbed there. It's not just grabbing the collar of the jersey, it also includes grabbing the back of the shoulder pads.

The NFL with all of their money doesn't even have full-time officials.

You forgot the sub-title of "Refs Are Supposed to See Things Live and at Full-Speed That I Need Slo-motion Replays from Ten Different Angles to Spot".

I agree with the first part, you have full time football players they deserve full time officials. I think with 2 exceptions they do do a decent job but only when you consider they are part time. The fans and player deserve far better than even the best crew delivers and a big part of the blame lays at the leagues feet for not making these guys full time. I know money is tight in this league but they need to find a way to make it happen.

Higgins I completely disagree with. He's a coach not an official and having his unqualified butt sitting in Toronto helping review plays and over seeing guys doing a job he never done is an insult. Do you hire a police officer to be your fire chief? A lawyer to be a hospitals chief surgeon? A pilot to head your aircraft maintenance section? Then why hire a coach to be your referee in chief?

The Ticat player grabbed just the jersey, not the shoulder pads. Grabbing the jersey is allowed as long as it's not inside the collar. Until I saw the replay, I thought it was a horsecollar based on the way the Argo player was pulled backward. I'm not surprised it was called.

I'm on Higgins side in this. depopInc laid it out well. I agree on full time paid Refs, it will improve the league. Also too many flags already. Let the players play and call the most blatant penalties. No system is perfect and refs are not either while making split second calls