I was watching the Sports yesterday on CH at 6:00PM with Clint O'Neil.

In the short 2 minute segment he made at least three silly jokes against the team...

"Since the team doesn't score anymore at home maybe a trip out west ...."Bla Bla.

I thought it was pretty unprofessional and annoying.

The team is 2-8. We get it.

Has he been like this all year. This is the first time I have seen him as I don't usually catch CH sports.

Bubba Early Days Where Calling
Cogeco Sports Game on Cable 23 in Burlington.

He Style has not Changed..

Hard not to make jokes no matter who you are. Bubba's cool.

8) Unprofessional and annoying ????? That would apply to the TiCats for sure !!!!! :lol:

Ok relax but can Bubba play O line Buddy :lol: sign him ASAP.

I can't pick up CH here in Cinci so I haven't seen Bubba in a while, but he can't be as negative towards the Cats as Steve Ruddick was (is).

I swear I saw that guy lead off the sports with Saturday night wrestling results the night of a Sunday afternoon Tiger Cat game.

Bubba does a great job with Sportscope. Like Will points out he's not as annoying or as negative as Ruddick.