So, by my math the Stamps have clinched into post season.
With 4 wins for the top 3 of the East and 6 games remaining (7 for the Cats), the fact that they all play each-other 1+ times means that one of those teams will record a loss, so there is no way that team can tie the Stamps. So should the Stamps drop each game (not likely to going to happen), then they would still at minimum cross.

This therefore means that a Rider win equates to locking down a spot this weekend. Also, a Esks win and both Als and Argo loss would do the same thing for them (though the Argos don't play this week, but do play the Esks next).

It of course still not technically a clinch yet, but it essentially is in these scenarios....2/3 through the

I know where does the time go? Just seemed like last week we were asking about a running back that looked good in practice but hasn't seen any game time. Tolston or whatever his name is, been so long since we even heard anything about him.Is he even still around? Anyways yes Summer has gone although the weather the last few days has been very Summer like and we know whats hiding around the corner. Gaaaak makes me sick to even think about it. math was debunked pretty quickly on a similar post that I made in the main forum. I need to stop trying to think about stuff like that when I am tied lol

Lol well if your tied then yes you should be thinking more about how to get untied. :wink: :lol: I don't worry too much about that stuff anyways ( I mean clinching etc not whether your tied or not, hey what you do in the privacy of your own home is your business) Too many variables right now to predict who is going to finish where. Such as is Willy out for a couple of games, What about Bo? Has Tino improved enough to beat tougher Western teams? Will depop ever get untied? All these answers and more on the next episode of SOAP.

well, the team has officially clinched a playoff spot. One can only hope that DD comes back or Cortez decides not to run 20 times in one half of football and give his QB a fighting chance to establish some rhythm...


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