So looking at it, with a Rider's win and an Esk's loss the Riders would essentially clinch a spot this weekend. The Esks would need to win out, Riders lose out, and the 2 heads up games would need to be won by a total of +25 points.

Not to get ahead of myself, but pretty cool prospect 10 games in.

That's insane!

Not quite. A win and an Eskimo loss plus either a win or tie or an Eskimo loss or tie next week and we would clinch.

hence "win out" and "lose out", the Riders would need to drop every game, the Esks win. A tie is not a win. A loss is gaining no point in the standings. I said the exact same thing you just did.

Sorry I read it as the Riders would clinch with a win and Eskimo loss this weekend.

Riders clinch with a Win against Toronto and an Eskimo loss against the BB this weekend. Need the Bombers to play inspired against the Esks like they did last week…

And Riders need a bounce back game! Need a win to calm down Rider Nation!