Climies Grey Cup Prediction

Just watched TSN's show tonight on the upcoming season.
At the end, the panelists were giving their GC predictions.
Jock Climie actually said he feels the arblows will cross over to
the west, win the west, and play, wait for it, the Cats in the
100th Grey Cup! Wow!! Climie has never in my years of watching
TSN coverage has ever, ever said anything positive about the Ti-Cats.
Still don't like him, but what a turn of events. Can't believe he did'nt
pick his beloved Als.

I was shocked as well. Maybe Climie has finally forgiven us for the '98 and '99 East finals.

Jock Climie, the Butt Face said that??????


I didn't see it, but I'msure he just said that for entertainment value and to have an opposing opinion. Whenever there's a panel with opinions someone HAS to take an alternate opinion, or there's no 'show', at least that's how the producers see it. There hasn't been a stronger favorite than BC this year since Flutie and the Argos in '97 or maybe even the dynasty Esks. What kind of panel would it be if they all said Lions over Als or Cats? Climie probably volunteered for the BS, or at least drew short straw. And if you're gonna BS, might as well do it BIG time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does Climie say nice things about anyone? I find that he's usually the most negative and critical of the bunch and has no qualms with putting players down and telling it like it is. It does make him come off as a bit elitist and un-likeable at times but I've never noticed any particular bias against a team.

Maybe it comes off that way as, let's face it, in the time that Climie has been on TV, telling it like it is wouldn't have granted the man too many opportunities to be positive about the Cats, would it?

Everything is a blur after Kate’s segment. Woooooowwwwwwwwww !

He's trying to say that ALL of the teams in the East are better than the strongest team in the West.
All teams in the East will be in the playoffs, the worst team Toronto will crossover and beat the 2nd place western team and then knock off the top team in the west all on the road?
I think he was being a little sarcastic

Agreed. The rest of the panel has even dubbed him Captain Negative, going back to a joke of Dave Randorph's from a while back. I don't see him as being an Als homer at all -- he has typically backed them in the past over Hamilton because the Als were busy dominating the division in the '00s and the Cats were either rebuilding or collapsing. That's not meant as an insult, just fact. If Hamilton dominates the division for the next 10 years, I'm sure he'll back them the same way.

Dang beer went down the wrong way when I heard that. Darn near choked.....

Did you not watch any Ticats tv in 2010?

I missed out LOL ! Really...

? HfxTC and Kate sittin' in a tree.....K I S S I N G....first comes love....then comes marriage....then comes the....(you can stop me anytime HFxTC) :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I mostly agree with you. I think Climie mostly tries to tell it like it is, but can't help his pro-Als bias from seeping through quite a bit. And I agree with whoever said the producers want to mix in a dissenting opinion to try to keep the panel engaging. Climie doesn't always get picked to be the dissenter, but he's a better actor/liar than the other panelists ( lawyer), so he's more convincing when it's his turn to have the "renegade" opinion. The earpieces those guys wear aren't just for decoration...

I have to admit if this was to happen, it would likely go down as the best match up ever for the Grey Cup.
Can you imagine what the buzz, yes I said buzz would be like here in the wannabe city of Toronto?

Climie, the official Montreal Alouette bandwagon driver is breaking ranks....WWWOOOOWWWW!!!

Never agreed with a blue team fan before, but, it would be absolutley amazing for
a Ticat/blue team 100th Grey Cup!!