Climie said

Last week Climie said this on TSN. Riders might go 9 and 9. To many injuries. Riders are 6 and 1 and have 11 games left. 9 and 9 would be Riders going 3 and 8 starting with Edmonton game. Even with injuries I think Riders can win 5 or 6 of 11 to play. Win 11 or 12 games in regular season.

How many do you think Riders will win this year? Will 12 wins be enough for Riders to finish 1st?

I think 12 wins will be enough this year. But at 6-1, we could be anywhere from 10-8 to 14-4. It remains true that the first 9 games are a cakewalk compared to the last 9, so I called for us to go 7-2 so we could finish at least 10-8. Last year, we went 7-2, then 5-4. We have a shot at 8-1, and if we get there, I'll call us at 12-6-14-4. I don't see us going 3-8. But 3-6 down the stretch could happen.
I expect us to beat Edmonton and Winnipeg, so I expect 8-1. that should give us enough momentum to be 12-6+.

I say they will go 14-4

17-1 !!!!!!!!!!!

between 12-6 and 14-4. Leaning towards the 14-4.

Edmonton - Win
Winnipeg - Win
Winnipeg - Loss
BC - Loss
BC - Win
Montreal - Win
Calgary - Win
Calgary - Loss
Hamilton - Win
Edmonton - Loss
Toronto - Win

13 - 5


Actually, I predict they'll win as many games as games they play in sold out stadiums (should be 13-15 regular season)

Anybody have a clip of that. Maybe we should send one to him. We still have Hamilton and Toronto to play in our last 4.

Being a lawyer, Climie likes to think logically and rationally, when making his picks. As we have learned this year, the logical choice doesn't necessarily win the games.

Climie hates the Riders. Loves the Stamps. He never says good things about Riders. Last year I thought it was because of Coach Austin. Some problem with them. But its the same with Coach Miller this year. Tired of him. Very tired of Climie.