Climie Predicted 39-17 Als... Contest is on!

So our number one Cat hater predicted that the Als would trounce the Cats 39-17. Of course he doesn't have the stones to admit this so Dunnigan shames it out of him on the post game show!

In light of this, I suggest a little contest to see who can up with the best rhyme for old Jocko...
It is easy! Something like this:

Jock - the - _______ .

I suggest Jock the smock. (his suits look a little sloppy)

Let's see what you can come up with!! :wink:

Jock just ain't the rock. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jock "the tool" Climie!

There was a young man named Climie
His love of the Als, quite slimy.
Not giving the Cats credit
In time, he'll regret it
A Grey cup in Hamilton, quite timely

As a former Al, Climie has always been a fan of the team he played for. Not really professional IMO, but it is what it is. You also have to remember the Ti-Cats stymied some pretty good Als teams in the Eastern-semis when Climie was a player (I think in 98 and 99), so he may never be a fan of the Ti-Cats.

Sad to think that he thought it was going to be that lopsided. I think a lot of us thought the Als would score a bunch against our defensive secondary, but that was not the case today. Climie should have known our offense would score a few against the Als with a few of their starters out.

We'll see what happens next week, but it looks to me like the Al's dynasty may be slowly coming to an end.

As for the contest ... how about "Put a sock in it Jock!"


Well done lads...

TeddyFay - That rocks brother! LMAO!

On a side note - Schultzie won fifty smackers off of Randorf on a bet that the Cats would slam the door on the goal line stand! Shultzie/Matt 1 Jocko/Davy 0. :lol:

Like Sportsnet could outdo TSN though, no wonder they recently backed out of going for CFL rights, love or hate Climie TSN puts 4 guys here in a great package that 2nd rate Sportsnet woldn't have the gumption to do.

What really prompted Dunigan to call him out was after Climie listed all the Als injuries and players who would not be able to start for them. Matt was so incredulous that he had to state publicly Jock's prediction for the game. 39-17 Montreal and how ridiculous it was in light of what the Als official apologist had just stated.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall or within earshot after that segment finished.

Nice limerick. Well done. :slight_smile: :thup:

Got to love Matts LOL

There once was a fellow named Climie.
Who wasn't more than a pant-load.
He protesteth in vain.
The lawyer's refrain.
And everyone just laughed at him.

:P :P :P

That is awesome. Hats off to you. Deserves a place in the sig line.

Most of what I've said about Jock wouldnt pass the filters, but I'll just say he's a knob and has no credibility at all.

LOL, it's supposed to rhyme. AABBA

Jock just cant walk the talk

I didn't see the pregame (was driving to the game at the time). Does anyone know the score predicted by the other 3 guys on the panel?

Schultz predicted 31-29 for Hamilton.

Jock "Blimey" Climie

Jock "What A Crock" Climie

This guy acts a little too stuck up and arrogant. I prefer Milt Stegall's more down to earth approach.

Milt has a love affair for the bummers that almost runs as deap as "Stock" jock's love affair with the larks. I get the feeling that the als/bummers are the greatest sport franchises in history when I painfully sit through a pre-game show with those poor poor souls... :oops:

Jock 'strap'