Climie on Cats: "Best Receiving Corps in the League"

Yes, he said it. I am shocked to hear the panel praise the Cats. In this clip Climie gushes over our revamped receiving corps, surprising Dunnigan and I think himself, as he blurts out "they may be the best receiving corps in the league." :rockin:

These aren't my words and I'm not offering an opinion on it. Our receivers are good though and it's really a sign of how the times have changed that they are getting some recognition now. Times have really changed.

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sorry that still in Montreal with Calgary a Very Close 2nd and Cats Core is 3rd

Nice to be mentioned as one of the best.

I think we could also be among the nominees for the following categories:

  • Best linebackers

  • Best depth at runningback

  • Best one-two punch at QB

  • Most improved offensive line

Based on what? Big Names? Right now we arent dropping many catchable balls at all, we're making HUGE 2nd down catches and getting YAC yards to get first downs, and making plays when its needed the most. I say we're a close 2nd behind Montreal.

I'll sure agree with all of that

Agreed. We're good but not quite there yet. Afterall alot of new blood and a new OC which suggests by the end of Sept. the kinks will be out no one will want to play us.

Hell, I'm just glad for real football talk and not umbrellas, coyotes and pant colours.

Montreal lose a Guy and Plugs one in
There just better a this point

A lot of people have knocked the TSN panel for being biased against Hamilton. I believe they give praise where praise is due, and there just wasn't much praise due to the Cats over the past few years. I am glad to see that has turned around, and we should hear much more praise from Jock, Matt Chris and Dave (maybe even from Milt).
Go Cats!

I'm surprised that someone hasn't remarked on the catch that Bauman made. He took one hell of a hit and got right up...let alone the fact that he held on to it! :thup:

I was expecting him to be seeing stars! :wink:

That was a gutsy play by Bauman. I took great notice of that!

Not only do I like guys that hit hard but its just as important to be able to take a hit and still get the job done.

That reception was one of several tuning points in the game. You have to know that the team was pumped up after he took that hit and held on to the ball.

As far as the respect from the TSN panel, I am not surprised to hear others on the panel say something good about the Cats, but to hear Clime say it was a real shocker. That has to be a first.


I just hope we can keep all the players long enough do win a championship. :wink:

Gutsy forsure, and he just got back up like a champ. I feel like Bauman doens't get the ball very often, but when he does every catch makes a difference. To me, all of our recievers are kind of gutsy and nervey like that, with the exception of Rodrigez. (Gasp!). I'm not sure to me I just feel like he won't take the hit that all of our other guys will. He is a legit deep threat though, so he doens't really need to worry about going over the middle.

Are you kidding me!...look at the depth we have at the receiver position...Currie, Drisan James, David Ball, Matt Carter, plus McDaniel platooning in and out. I have not ever seen this much talent in Hamilton at receiver. We're young but we're getting better every game. :cowboy:

I don't think that will be a problem. Everything is right in that organisation right now. This is where stable and wealthy ownership will play a big role.

I also think our receiving corp is pretty good. With the addition of Bruce it has pushed us into the upper echelon of the league. Bruce is a proven threat that teams must worry about.

I would like to see a bit more production out of Bauman. He's playing well but he's not where the team wants him to be. Players like Getzlaf in Saskatchewan and Cahoon in Montreal are the kind of player the Cats are expecting Bauman to become. This is his 3rd year now and I don't think he quite there yet. Hopefully he can become another Dipietro but he has a ways to go.

Still, full marks the the receivers

^^^thats exactly what I thought over the last couple of years.^^^That Bauman had Cahoon-like potential but I didn't voice it very often because let's face it - Cahoon is a beast, i don't want to undermine his accomplishments. Bauman generally does good things when he is involved in the play , he just isn't involved very often. Perhaps, if he was involved more he would develop more or maybe its if he developed more he would then be involved more?? He should be a little more considering its his third year, not make or break time but still something he should consider.

But yeah him + Rodriguez + Bruce , their athletic, all-star type players and Stala seems extremely reliable

i don't know about the best but we are greatly improved to say the least.

  • how can i forget - Chris Davis , He wasn't on my Radar before this year-I had no idea his talent, and how clutch he is. He looks to be good at a personal favorite skill of mine = yards gained after first hit of contact ( like the TD against Edmonton)....

Interesting that our receiving has comr together so quickly as Rodriguez and Bauman are the biggest holdovers from last year. Bruce, Davis, McDaniel, and Stala are all new. So Its gonna take some time before we are the best simply because Porter doesn't know all of them as well as he will at some point.

"The Best Receiving Corps in the League" has to be one that has a little more history with their QB, like the Als have with A.C., or Burris and his guys in Calgary (when at full strength of course). We'll know when we're getting there when Porter starts to put up 300 yard games on a regular basis. Right now he looks good when he gets just over 200 yards in a game, but bigger days are coming.