Clime slams Cahoon?

Yesterday, I was listening to 'The Rouge' on the team990 (they had Ben Cahoon in studio). I'm heard that during TSN's broadcast of the game last week, Jock Clime was slamming his former teammate. Can someone tell me what he said (not that what Clime says carries any weight...I'm just curious)? I was watching the game on RDS so I didn't hear his comments. Thanks.

Total nonsense. Climie didn't 'slam' Cahoon. What he said was that, in relation to why Cahoon hasn't scored any TDs this year, is that Montreal doesn't ask him to be the end-zone guy, and also that his strength is not press coverage, which is what you typically get if you're running an end zone route. It was a fair comment, and pretty accurate if you ask me. Cahoon is an elite possession receiver who excels on second down and can pick apart zone coverage, but he isn't somebody who can consistently fight through tight press coverage to make a TD catch -- he's just not big enough or fast enough.

OK thanks. To be honest, I was kind of surprised when I heard that on the radio which is why I wanted to find out what was really said. From what you're saying, I would big deal really.

Basicaly said the only way to stop Cahoon is to use press coverage on him. Than Dunnigan jokingly questionned giving that away if they were buds.

And again, it's no knock on Cahoon. He's made his share of TD catches, but at his age, it's probably getting harder for him to get separation in tight man coverage in a smaller space. He's not big enough to win jump-ball contests for a pass, and he's not fast enough to create a separation window for Calvillo to get him the ball. He can pick up majors running hitches and curls to the goal line (timing routes) or leaked out into the flat if we're inside the 5-yard line. But he ain't gonna beat some hulking DB one on one on a corner route too often, nor should we expect him to. We've got Watkins, Richardson, and Green to stretch the field, Cobourne to carry the mail, and Carter and Bratton as effective checkdown options -- more than enough quality personnel to post up majors.

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