Clifton Dawson Released-NFL

i know the argo's hold his rights.. but he would be a good fit here in hamilton.. hes got the same running style as jesse, little smaller but can run over n creat seperation with his steps... he was just recently released by the colts.. hes canadian also.. it would be a good ratio helper aswell..

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That story is over 2 weeks old. He has since been resigned by the Colts.

i'd rather spend money on getting players in positions that we need help with.

if we were to dump printers.. how much would we have to give him.. n what would we have left to spend.. i know hes makin 500K.. wats on his contract how much guarenteed money did we give him..

and p.s dawson didnt resign.. he didnt make the roster past the 26th**

If the TI-Cats would like to acquire Dawson, I suggest they act quick...before Tillman suckers the Argos again for a conditional draft pick.....

Dawson was cut once, already, and then resigned.

Now he was cut again on the 26th. I wouldn't be surprised if he's resigned to the Colt's practise roster next week.

RB is the one position where we are without worry.
I would not trade our stable of RBs for any in the league.
Who do you cut if you bring in this kid?
Jessie 7.0 yards/carry
Tre Smith 8.3 yards/carry
Caulley 8.6 yards/carry
Piercy or Pavlovic (Big Horses)