Clifford Ivory

It appears Ivory is the latest salary cap victim in Toronto:

I wouldn't mind seeing him back here.

He is getting on in years.
In a Toronto sports rag they mentioned that he battled through an injury plagued season, and even lost playing time to another younger DB for Toronto.
We don't need a guy on the wrong side of his career to build around.

Disagree ... I think Ivory could be a menace on special teams for us ... a younger Gerald Vaughan perhaps

Yes,I'd like to see Clifford Ivory back in Gold,but I have to wonder if he would sign here or accept a role on the Argos at a reduced rate....interesting off season in the land of Double Blue,are they actually going through the motions of following the salary cap?
It appears that way eh?
I still don't trust them ,but they are chopping $$ right left and center so kudos to the Argos!

I'd bring Ivory to camp to compete. He has good experience at HB, and can be a force on special teams if healthy.


I agree 110%!!

He is worth a Look..

bring him back

Me too

I think we should bring Clifford Ivory to the team next year. Hes older now but i think he would be a threat.

Just imagine if he makes it to the team. We would have a secondary that other teams would be scared of. At cornerbacks we would have Sam Young and Lawrence Gordon, Defensive backs Tay Cody and Clifford Ivory. We would also have Jason Goss. We would have 5 solid guys for our backfield.

It would be awesome.Just think of the possibilities. Put in a good solid middle linebacker along with JoJuan Armour and Agustin Barrenchea and we would be solid there i think. At the front, we would be solid there with Cotton and cheatwood. We could even try Anthony Collier for middle linebacker if we wanted.
Devonte Peterson and Roger Dunbrack for our defensive tackles. OUR DEFENCE WOULD LOOK REALLY STRONG!!!

I hate to say it but a guy like Ivory would be the ideal piece to fit into the Cat’s secondary. A CFL vet who can still play well would solidify what you have now. However, at his current salary he’s probably priced himself out of CFL teams’ salary structures. If he was cheaper, he’d still be an Argo.

An Argo fan

Maybe they look strong but can they play. 4-14 speaks louder then words.

When Taaffe and Rust get through shaking the trees half of these guys will be gone. IMO

Is it just me or is anyone else confused by this story. The title says he was released and yet the storyline makes it sound like HE'S going to Montreal. Did the writer of this article get Clifford Ivory being released confused with Stokes getting traded to the Als?

i agree, and the experience he could pass onto younger DBs is awesome

Ivory is only 31!!

An Argo fan

Why would the Cats want yet another Argo cast-off? It is somewhat embarrassing that an Argo can always find work with the "farm team" down the road. I mean just look at the history. It's time for the Cats to find better players than Toronto, outbid the Argos for a great QB and win again right? Not give Mike O'Shea another try next year.


Last season, the Argos featured the following ex- Ticats: Steinauer, Ivory, O'Shea, Miles, St.John, and Jeff Johnson (big contributors).

The Ticats featured the following ex-Argos last year:
Dunbrack, Pilon (bit players at best)

So historically, the Argos have stolen key Ticat players, not vice-versa.

Ivory os only 31?

He'd be perfect in there for us because of his good chemistry due to the fact that he has friends here ,he played here first and he would want revenge on the Argos ,that makes for good chemistry by me.

I guess I'm with most of you. Bring him back, unless he is permanently injured.

He be a welcome addition to our defense.