Clifford Ivory Cheapshot On Thurman?

Who was that Olineman we had a few years ago? He openly admited to playing dirty, that would propbably be where any reputation came from. But hey, all Olinemen are dirty - if you're not cheating you're not trying :wink:

Brandon Dyson…the league would isolate a camera on him to record his offenses…eventually they had enough on him that he was run out of town…the only reason we had him in the first place was to neutralize Ed Phillion, who by the way is the dirtiest cheap shot artist in the league, which he did very effectively…

The chance of catching HIV on the field is 1 in 85 million as researched by medical researchers in New York.

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As far as firing someone for having HIV, the riders hands were tied, because, like third and ten said, it's against the charter of rights. They also couldn't disclose his medical condition due to confidentially laws.

...go back a few years....well maybe a whole lotta years...Bill Baker ...also called Baker the under-taker....what a cheap-shot artist this guy was....made sure he got a good straight-arm across your face...while you were running at full tilt...was responsible for a few neck strains in his about this guy sambo....and then tell me riders never played the cheap-shot game...i have a long memory.. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I'm taking sides or anything but come on Papa, the guy got rights man...Er... but so do the women in Regina that he was sleeping with and not telling them about his non curable. deadly virus, because he has rights man....


right on....cfl or bust...seems sometimes the victims have less rights than the offenders...but that's a whole nother' law discussion...back to football... :thup:

The women he slept with do have rights, that is why he's on trial for sexual assault.

well no matter how little of a chance that there is..there is still a chance, and it could happen to spread to anyone

So we should put everyone with HIV on an island somewhere????

More people die from the flu and colds each year than aids in Canada and they are one heck of a lot easier to transmit than HIV! So lets ban anyone with a cold or flu from playing! What about Hep C? TB? Or what about just plain old blood poisining?

The facts are simple, discriminating against someone because they have HIV IS UNLAWFUL!!!! Reporting someones medical condition history is also unlawful!

Now is Sambo right about the Bombers? I do not think so. Every team has their "dirty" players. I know that in the conversations I have had with players about facing different teams, none have every singled out the Bombers as being bad.

Yes with odds of 1 in 85 million there is still a chance but they still cannot release him based on the reason that he is hiv positive.

you can release a player for a million dont even have to have a reason to release a player..look at what the esks did to montford, and hes back already

I'm sure the Riders explored their options and were told they can't release him. The CFL isn't above the Canadian charter of rights the last time I checked.

[quote="roughyfan"]I'm sure the Riders explored their options and were told they can't release him. The CFL isn't above the Canadian charter of rights the last time I checked.[/quote]

yes, but he is a player in the cfl on a cfl team, that might not want him anymore for whatever reason...they cant force them to keep that player on the team

Well the Riders' organiztions consulted with lawyers, the commissioner's office, and others and from this advice they chose the path of keeping Trevis Smith with the team.

Also, again, players only had a 1 in 85 million chance of getting the HIV virus, do you know small that is? To put that in perspective, the chance of dying from a bee sting is 1 in 5.5 million. The odds of dying in a fireworks discharge is 1-in-615,488, but they still fire them off at games.

I honestly beleive that most coaches would not tolorate dirty plays as they once did. I can't see pinball accepting that. The cost is great when a marginal player from the offended team lays out one of your good players in retaliation. But then there will always be those that will want to win at nay cost. That's my opinion and I don't have one on HIV.

I never said the team was actually dirty, I said that was their reputation. If a girl has the reputation of being promiscous, she actually may not be, but some her actions might make it look that way. The bombers might not have been "dirty" but that is the reputation they gained, but thats not to say that teams dont have dirty players, because most teams do have them,in their past or present.

...Adam Rita HAS PUBLICLY APOLIGIZED FOR HIS PLAYERS CONDUCT....i don't think the Bombers are going to let this one go-away.. :o

There was a story here two years ago about a doctor in a children hospital who was HIV positive. Even she could not lose her job.
and that is beyond sad, an HIV positive doctor should not be looking after ANY patients...ever.

Then he should have been benched...permanently.

Ivory will get a fine, and possibly a suspension as soon as the Blue send in the tape to the CFL (if they do, which I'm sure they will). Montreal gave a fine to Gavin Walls (500 bucks), because of a late hit on Calvillo. As for Ivory, he'll get what he deserves. And thank GOD, Thurman can still walk.