Clifford Ivory Cheapshot On Thurman?

Did anybody see this? was it really that bad? The Bombers have sent a complaint to the CFL HQ on the hit or whatever. I missed it so not sure what happened but from what I've heard it was bad.

chop block below the knees from behind WAY WAY WAY after the play. cheap shot if there ever was one. milt's not 1 to lose his temper like that to a ref, but he got pissed when the refs didn't call it. expect a fine being sent mr. ivory's way

So that's why Milt was so upset. I was wondering since he usually seems very level headed.

it was after the play and away from the play

Argos are like that.I remeber once Danny Mac getting speared in the chin and no call and NO fine!!! :x

From a replay at 2 frames a second it's sure hard to say what happened. The play is at the top of the screen and the srore/time banner is in the way. He did send him flying but how and at what time of the play is not all that clear on the tape. Stegal would not have gone nuts on a clean shot.

...maybe why Tom Canada was so agressive on their qb. at the end of the game...but at least that was a clean hit..Milt said it was a dirty cheap shot...and he was standing right there..said also that wasn't typical of Ivory....Clifford was po'd at another loss ,i guess...but still no excuse for crappy play like that....and retaliation just makes it to keep a cool head guys.. 8)

All this coming from a team that over the years has the reputation for being one the dirtiest teams in the CFL. All I can say, what goes around comes around, suck it up boys.

...what a load of bull sambo....Dirty is playing a guy you know is.. thats dirty.. :thdn:

Its not a load of bull, papa, the Bombers over the years have the reputation for being one the dirtiest teams in the league. You may not think so, if you dont believe me, ask players from past years and they will tell you Winnipeg had the reputation for being dirty. As for your claim that playing an HIV+ player as dirty, you obviously come the DD school of ignorance regarding HIV. I would suggest to you to read up on the disease before you make a claim like that. Im surprised and disappointed that you would make such a statemnt papa

...oh don't get your tights in a knot's THE FACT THE RIDERS PLAYED A KNOWINGLY HIV PERSON....that's dirty.. not the disease...don't put words in my better start doing some soul-searching before you accuse another club of...dirty play.....i have seen some cheapshots delivered by riders over the years... you'r club ain't no bloody get your facts straight.. :rockin:

The Bombers have been known for being a tough, hard hitting Defence. Not Dirty...

If you look it up in websters, the phrase Dirty Player has two photo's.. Ed Philion and AJ Gass.

Talking about HIV. What do you know about HIV Dr. Sambo. There is alot of blood spilled in Football. I feel it was very stupid that Smith Played while the league kept his sickness hidden. I don't say he shouldn't play, but the people that played with or against him should have been made aware.

I wasn't surprised however with Ivory's cheap shot. The Argo's where putting helmets on knees all game, ask Ron Warner. The Argo's were a beaten team that turned to cheap shots. IMO they were tring to injure guy's. It seems AC is not the only target for crappy teams.

didnt say they were innocent... all I said was the Bombers had the reputation of being the dirtiest.... sure, the Riders could have put him on injured list, or on the practice roster , but that would have been a voilation of a number of his rights. Medical experts told the team that the chance of spreading HIV by playing football are minisucle, so the Riders has no legal right to say no he couldnt play. His privacy was respected and ANY team that had him on their roster would have had to do the same... so I would say that you need to do your own soul-searching and quit looking at your team with the blinders on... that;s a good one coming from a team that burys its head in the sand...while putting other players at matter how miniscule you put those eyes sambo....

papalooza, depriving someone of his job because he's HIV positive is against the charter of human rights. Had the Riders want to do it, they couldn't have. There was a story here two years ago about a doctor in a children hospital who was HIV positive. Even she could not lose her job.

Why you guys gotta bring up the riders, This thread is about Clifford Ivorys cheapshot on Andrae Thurman?.

Yeah papa, you are wrong on this one. Aside from the research that has shown the unlikeliness of transfering the disease while participating in sport, there is the human rights issue. Unless you are suggesting that the Riders should have martyred themselves and taken the lawsuit (which most likely would have resulted in a financial hit and him retaining his job if he still wanted it) for the betterment of the league? But that would just be stupid.

Go Riders!!

well getting back to the cheap shot..i taped the game, and i was curious to see what hapeneded after i heard on OB that ivory took a shot at thurmans legs..well.....

it was a running play late in the 4th quarter, and thurman was blocking his man (which wasnt ivory-he was on stegall) just after roberts was tackled, i watched the top of the screen and ivory ran in with stegall traling him, and he went low PURPOSLY at the side of the knees of thurman when he was still engaged in the block with his man

seeing how thurman was blocking while ivory too that shot at him, this is an illegal hit, which can cause someone to end their career on a dangerous play, it is a penalty..i might want to tell you that there was a ref stinding directly, and i mean DIRECTLY in front of the play, which saw thurman jumping up and down arguing and stegall losing his cool over the safety of his penalty

the next play stegall and thurman lined up on the bottom of the screen with the same defenders..i could not see what happened, but this is the play that stegall took his 15 yard penalty, so i wonder if it happened again?

so this is what happened, and the league better look at this play and fine ivory..especially after they fined gavin walls listen here Thrid...and Net......i wouldn;t ever begrudge a man from making a living....but c'mon you have to make a realistic judgement call ...when it comes to HIV....i don't think the riders did that...what happens in other occupations with regard to this disease...well every case has to be judged on its on merit...sometimes i feel the lines get blurred a little ... in the end...everyone has to live with their own decisions.. :roll:

...sounds kind of weak to i said ....a judgement call had to be made in this opinion.. the wrong decision was the way is the legal battle going ...regarding Trevis...haven't heard too much lately.. :roll: