Cliff Ivory

What does everyone think about bringing Cliff Ivory back to the Steeltown. I know that he loved his time here, but didn't get along with Lancaster, that's why he went to Toronto. Fills a hole left by Jason Goss and he will help out on the special teams as well. He may only have a couple years left but he can also help out with younger guys in the secondary. At least give him a shot in TC.

nope, need to get younger, quicker, faster, less expensive players. ivory is washed up and old and dances too much with that airplane dance.

Didn't want to play for us when he was good.
Don't want him now that he is washed-up!!

Nothing personal, but you not only left, you went to the bad guys up the road.

Have a good life Cliff :twisted:

We do have long memories around here. :slight_smile:

have fun doing your airplane dance as a washed up jock cliff.

I don't know about that. I personally asked Clifford why he didn't come back when he left, and his response was the 'Cats didn't want him to come back. Not everyone goes down the road for more money ala O-Shea.

While he may be past his prime and was injured last year, he turned out to be a great DB and special teams player. Another one lost by the previous management IMO.

hahaha. God you people make me laugh. The same ones that are saying he's washed up want the cats to bring back Morreale and Hitchcock. Talk about washed up. FYI he'd still be worth it if he only played special teams.

hitch, morealle are washed up, i never said bring them back, montford is washed up i dont want him back, maas is washed up, vaughn is washed up, yeast is washed up, hudson is washed up, too many washed up players on the cats, they better start drafting kids that actually play next season instead of going to the nfl pretending they are gonna make it there, and stop drafting players that go back to school, its time to draft some ballers, guys that will play day in day out.

For special teams I think it's better that you have younger guys who are trying to crack the lineup rather than older guys just hanging around who are still ok but not in the teams plans. Special teams needs very aggressive players who are quick and who eventually could be added to the starting lineup.

Good point but when was the last time we blocked a punt? Ivory get 3 a season.