clf, refs and simply bad calls

i will admit right now that i gave up on your comment after your ridiculous claim...i saw the slow motion replay of the calgary player tripping falling and attempting to NOT hit your qb...therefore the call was not made...after your claim of seeing him "intentionally" jumping on him there is nothing else that you could say that i could ever take seriously

So considering that you swore up and down that Burris was on the ground for 5 seconds before Ckick hit him, in the game before that, you are admitting that everything that comes from your keyboard is crap also then?

Tripped?? Ha... He jumped over top of the other defender just to hit Durant and on top of that he drove his shoulder to him..if he tripped he would have put his hands out to catch himself. And if he tripped he would have fell on his own player..not launch himself overtop of him..yikes.

I doubt people take you seriously either so don't worry about it.

take me seriously what team do you guys back again? so when you buy your green watermelon lids and other ridiculous atire that only takes from the legitimacy of your team, do they just throw the rose color glasses in with them?

Jakob7, exactly how close is your head to Quick Six's methane source, the lack of oxygen is impairing your judgement

I believe rose would be your colour of glasses. I back a team that historically has not been overly successful but I have sat through the 3-15 years and keep coming back game after game, year after year. How does buying green watermelon lids take anything away from the team? I don't really know what angle you are playing here..but it is funny either way. Keep going, please. I am enjoying this.

If you consider the fact that it lives under a bridge it greatly reduces the angles available...I'd say nothing less than 45*.

the only members of this group that whine more than you are the both think the refs are trying to screw you its sad. if you saw another player give a rider a pat on the back you would lose it and claim he punched him. your only embarassing your selves and im sorry i fueled your tantrum. i cant wait to hear what excuses youll come up with if you dont win this week, should be entertaining lol

Well, thanks Jakob, this should do it for you, ta-ta now...buh bye! :slight_smile:

Well im guessing everyone had a good weekend the B.C. hamilton game was rather enjoyable, kudos to wally the rest of our cfl coaches could really learn something about scamming the other team wally is one of the best "broken thumb" cool, nothing ileagel there just smart. As for the Calgary Edmonton game did anything odd or questionable happen in this game. I seem to remember saying just watch the games and you decide. I know this sounds insane and I started this thread just just to blow off steem after watching the horrible reffing during the sask, stamps game that just seemed to be building the last five games but WOW. This just keeps itself going. Also to the sask fan posters I know this all sounds crazy but, thanks for takeing care of the opposition posters trolling on the thread when I was at work.

please explain to me how the refs helped the stamps win...if anything they brought the esks back into love to hear your insight into how the refs screwed edmonton this time :roll: