clf, refs and simply bad calls

I have kept quiet most of this year and just read the posts but after the rider stamps game i have to get this off my chest, and I know that there is a few of you out there who will jump down my throat but just read this and think about it.
for the last 4 weeks leading up to the end of the regular season the reffing has been very questionable for who ever was playing calgary its as if we feel as a league the best possible outcome for the grey cup is to have calgary playing in it and the best way for that to happen is if calgary finishes first well for four games the reffing has been very mutch in there favor to keep them in the hunt, tonite they lost ( not by any fault of the offical they kept them in there as long as they could) but this game was sick to watch from the pounce tackle on durant missed call that suttor commented on, to ball placement where chick pinns burris on the one foot lineand the ball gets spotted on the three yard line . I only hope Edmonton can beat the balck and white stripes and calgary then the rest of the games will be fare and fun to watch the rest of the way. May the best team win not the one who stands to to give the cfl its suposed story book season ending. Cut out the two tier reffing and let the boys play the game. The best teams need to be in the grey cup not the most favored.

refs are human
earlier BC got the breaks but thats life
look at it half full

that was the right call.

Chick tackled Burris around the 3-4 yd line and his Forward progress was stopped that's why even though he took him down near the 1 yd line, his forward progress was stopped at the 4. this is why the ball was placed on the 4.

the correct call was made there, so the Referees were definitely not at fault there.

Horse caller tackle, pass interference and a pounce on an un protected qb much worse than what Chick did to Burris in ot !!!
I was on the 55 yd line 6 rows up behind the Rider bench and i seen all the calls the refs chose not to make and they made concious decisions not to call them. They should be emberassed .

sorry to belabour this but Higgins explained last time that there is zero tolerance on late hits on the qb. Ref (I think # 57) was right there. So now what does Higgins say,?, "well, only zero tolerance when Henry gets hi=t'?..
And ref 57 was the same guy along with others that competely ignored the horse collar tackle.
Ref # 75 - side judge penialized us on a very questionable pass interference and then ignored at least one blatant call against the Stamps shortly thereafter.
I sure woul dlike Higgins email address if anyone has it.


We know that complaining about the officiating will not win us a game. We all need to bite our tongue and know the football gods will even up the mistake. I'm with you on the officiating, but we need to let it go, maddening as it may seem!

CFL, refs and simply bad calls! There is an understatement if I ever heard one. Last nights Rider Stamps game was some of the worst refereeing I have ever witnessed! Come on guys review the game tapes, if you still stand by your calls on the field I suggest its time for you to find a new line of work because its obvious you were never cut out for this line of work. :thdn:

sigh... :?

I knew it would be crap last night when I seen Andre Proulx was the ref his reffing team always sucks

These refs are so willing to toss a flag for an offside or a no yards...and yet,

When Charleston Hughes left his feet and leapt / rolled over another Calgary defender forcing his shoulder into a prone and DEFENSLES Darian Durant with such brute force that Hughes was recoiled back into the air after impact........

No "grey area" here..It was disgusting,dangerous and intended to put DD on the sidelines..

Would we have seen a flag if it was Hanker the Wanker taking the hit and not DD ?

there was missed calls on both sides, but other then that it was okay, seems to be the norm, just hope it gets better with the playoffs here

The refs could miss all the no- yards, off-sides, procedure calls they want.

I'm talking about the "major" infractions. IE: roughing the passer and that horse collar..

Not my fault there was lack of discipline on the Stamps part.

Refs were Calgary biased........Das right.......BIASED.

Well thought I should clarify my original opinion. This is where most of you will think I am totally nuts, I am well aware the reffs are human I also understand this is a fast game my point is these were predetermined calls or non calls what ever you want to call it, This was not decided by a group of reffs that is just plain silly a group of reffs would side with Hennry Burris who bitches and winnes in their face after every stoppage in play. Not likely my point is this has been handed down from the top, the best outcome for this league in their eyes is calgary winning or loosing in the grey cup, not Saskatchewan or Edmonton or God forbid BC makeing it in through the east they want calgary takeing on montreal plain and simple and the reffs and the infamous WAR ROOM ( the biggest joke in cfl history) are to keep there opinions in cheque. Thankyou please feel free to tell me how I " need to let this go " Im just saying watch the games watch a calgary game then watch any one eltse play and see if you see a difference.

really? more conspiracy theories and here i thot i was in the ticats forum. you won? there is no calgary biased, we got the short end in the season earlier agaisnt teams like hamilton pull your head out the commisioner has a hard on for the east not the west so if there was any conspiracy going on...which there definitly is would be towards the east...i think the crossover again proves that there is none. i cant remember who but one poster commented on it all comes around, thats very true. i find it sad that you would cry over this than be stoked that you guys won the west.

You're nuts!! So if Chick tackled him in the end zone you're saying we wouldn't get a safety on the sack because of forward progress???? Forward progress comes after the line of scrimmage doesn't it?? How else would you count any loss of yard plays??

It is where the initial contact was made. Had Burris broke the tackle and then got tackled on the 1 that is where the ball would have been spotted. It was the correct call. LOS has nothing to do with it.

With your line of thinking, a defender could pick up the ball carrier on his shoulder and carry him to the endzone and drop him for the safety...

jakob7 I was woundering when i would get my first b____slap wow this is what I have been reading over the last year and why I have not been responding, most threads on this sight seem to go the same way someone gives an opinion on an interesting topic and 2 others start pissing and moaning at each other over the next seven pages and take away anything that was once interesting about the thread. People in this province are talking about the extreamly odd reffing and trying to undersand it. Im pretty sure most of them dont have a user ID on so they could be influnced by my "conspiracy theories" ill stick with what I said from the start watch the next games, enjoy the hamilton - BC game and compare it to the edmonton - stampeder game. I am hoping for what goes around comes around. once again everybody feel free to kick for distance when you dont agree with an opinion we need to fill up those seven pages somehow.

your the one who thinks the refs are told to help teams win...i bet you think strippers like you too. nothing you have said has made sense. there are going to be bad calls in all game. deal with it. there is no conspiracy and yes when you claim the league tells refs to help teams...that is a conspiracy. stop being a little wench and just enjoy the games.

Prider, there's no way Higgins is biased towards any one team.
It's poor judgement calls on the refs behalf,and hopefully we've seen the last of these coin-flip non calls go the Stamps way.

And letting a Stamp fan get to you is laughable.........Calgary Stampeders, Alberta's 2nd best CFL

The Stamps are the CFL's version of Rodney Dangerfield.........Never getting the respect they

I do nit believe that there is a conspiracy theory in any sport , even wrestling. (ha) anyways, for the refs to be as awful as they were last Saturday night is an absolute emberassment, I was on the 55 yd line and about as close to the play as the ref was and seen the blatant jump on Durant after the whistle. That ref should never ref again the CFL is Higgins is serious about "protecting the quarterback" as was his defence of the call on John Chick in ot vs the Stamps . Higgins should discipline this ref. There were blown calls all over the place and they went against the Riders but the jump on Durant was blatant, easy to see and if Higgins has any guts and wants respect he will say step up and do something about this guy. He shouldn;t be reffing. Lets hope we get a fair shake in the final, mind you I believe it will be Edmonton so we don;t have as much to woory about.(whoops, would that mean I think conspiracy?)