CLF player year by year Stats

Hi there,

It there a source to find Individual statistics from year to year? I'm not looking for career statistics. I'm looking for stats for individual seasons, could be either by team or by individual players.

I see the CFL site goes back to 1999 but before that I don't find anything.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Good question.
Hopefully somebody can give you a better answer than me because I don't know.
Would be nice to see the official stats go back further then 10 years though.

But anyway, welcome to the site.

Maybe they're ashamed of the foray into the U.S. years.

Try the team sites for the player in question

The CFL site has each player's stats in his bio. Might be a little annoying if you're looking for multiple players... :lol: But the stats are there.

Buy a Facts and Figures book. Believe they are now $25 and available all over the place.

Do they include year by year stats for retired players. Current players seem easy to find but what I'm really looking for is stats for all/any retired players.

They aren't the best at retired players stats. Only brief career summaries of Hall of Fame players. Sorry missed that you were looking for pre-1999 info. I have though managed to pick up some older copies when the libraries sell them off.