Cleveland Browns

A meaningless, time-killing poll.

Yes, well no, well ok, maybe they could.

Man, all this thinking I hope used up some of the turkey and ham and all the other X-Mas goodie calories. :lol:

What does the commercial say…“They are so good, they don’t need a Logo”?

Pardon my stupidity, but what is the Logo?

The Browns have had a few logos on their field over the years. I remember them having an interlocking "C" and "B", like you might see on a baseball cap. They had one with a brown capital "B" inside a white football with horizontal orange and brown stripes. They used to have the word Browns written in the end zones with a line coming from the "s" underlining the word. Of course, there is the "Dawg" logo and a logo with the word "Browns" in a white rectangle on an orange diamond. There is also a throwback logo with what looks like a leprechaun dressed in brown and orange holding a football.


One of the best uniforms in football. No logo necessary.

…the best and ugliest uniform in football…no way to a logo…should the steelers slap another sticker on the other side of their helmet?, hell no…

The Browns are out if Tennessee beats the Colts tonight. I think Indy's scared of Cleveland.