…Leos have said goodbye to Jason Clermont…He looks like he’d probably and most likely want to play in Sask. However their roster looks pretty full and with the amount of cash they might have to use to sign Durant…he ‘could’ be available…I think he’d be a great replacement for Milt…and a Canadian to boot…Clermont would be relatively close to home in Regina (where he sells real estate in the off-season) it sure would’nt hurt for Kelly to give him a call…I hate this phrase cuz its beaten to death…BUT …He sure would look good in BluenGold… :wink:

papa, my guess is that there will be a few CFL GMs kicking those particular tires. I'd say Saskatchewan (his home) and Hamilton (Obie his former GM) would be first in line.

But, you never know.................

....afraid you're right MadJack....we do have some extra dough to play with.....But it might not be enough to get a player of Clermonts calibre...We have other positions to fill,,,,namely the qb. position...and that will probably be paramount :wink:

And, to be fair papa, give Hamilton a break.............surely you can see that they need the help at receiver far more than you guys do !!

.....heh're right MadJack....i was being greedy..but mostly dreaming.....The Cats sure could use him....I can just see him now burning up the field on the Argos....your Als....and us....hmmmmmm wait a minute :lol:

Taman says, "maybe" but two other teams are already courting him hard. I wouldn't expect him to sign here, nor would want the Bombers to open the vault for the guy.

Another really crazy rumor has Hamilton preparing to release Printers outright and that the Bombers will offer him a contract. According to Printers, his NFL days really messed with his mechanics and he just hasn't been able to get them back. Apparently, he wants to come work with Mike Kelly, who he believes is one of the few people in the league who could help him return to his old form.

Casey's old form:

"Stegal and ARmstrong are horrible receivers with No Hands"

"The reason I got sacked nine times is the Offensive Line is to fat and two slow."

"The reason we are 4-14 is Im surrounded by minor league players not up to my calibre."

Hmmmm, return to his old form eh? Better sign Dr. Phil to same length of contract! :roll: :roll:

...offers coming from all over the place for apparently T.O. and Cal. and Edm. are in the mix..... not suprising whoever can wave enough cash under Jasons nose will probably sign him...and right now it seems a few clubs are getting ready to start the bidding... :wink:

i like clearmont alot but makes no sence for the bomber to sign him. we have a great group of recievers has is.

I doubt very much he said that but I'd have to agree with the last two...

to be honest i wouldnt mind seeing what printers could do in the blue and gold

i would get rid of Glenn if we signed him though, and if say darian were to become avail.(doubtful) take him first of coarse

whats the source of this rumor piggy? pm me if you dont want to say in public please

Armstrong, Edwards, Bryant, Franklin, Clermont...Start an import safety...WOW.

Makes sense to me!


that looks real good to me to... but its almost a given that jason signs in regina... or in one of the big cities

sad but true...

Oh well...ya never know...!

and you giving the team the extra 6 digits to sign him???

didn't think so


There’s room on the payroll…Stegall out…Clermont in…

Sounds like the Bombers have made a move on him, but so have the Stamps (better shot at winning a GC) and of course the home town lure of the Riders will be tough to turn down. Probably only a 10% chance or less the Bombers can land him.

Oh absolutely, but he's definately worth tryin' to get...

Just some poster at OB, claiming that he spoke to Taman and Printers agent down in Arizona, at a time when Romby Bryant and Arjei Franklin (and others) were supposedly working out with the Cardinals. However, Taman has since debunked that rumor.

...i think everyone should have known this was 'carp'...the instant they read that Franklin was working out with them...If Arjey was down there for the excersise....maybe.....but i think he could probably work-out for a lot cheaper up here...wouldn't one think ?????:lol: :lol: :lol: for's a long-shot....but Taman is apparently honing up his shooting skills and his target practice is improving....Even if he gets close with the money....i think there may have to be other incentive(s).. :wink: