Is Darrel Davis blowing smoke or do the Riders have a chance to trade for Clermont? If so who would you trade? I would trade any Canadian reciever EXCEPT Fantuz (spelling??), or even any two (French and Grant). Can you imagine having Dominguez, Armstead, Fantuz and Clermont running routes simultaneously. I would bet at least one would be wide open 95% of the time.

Here's hoping not......

Clermont would give you guys one awesome receiving corps........Armstead and Dominguez wide, Clermont and Fantuz (the next Ben Cahoon) inside; Tounkara as backup if you trade Grant and French.........heck of a great receiving corps there.

Give BC French, Grant and Tounkara!

i agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :rockin:

I read yesterday that he a little miffed about
not getting a bonus or a contract extension
like many of his team-mates did in December.

He says here that he is not unhappy
with his contract, so I would guess
Jason will stay in B.C. this year.


I can't see a trade happening. If Clermont comes to sk, it will only happen if him and wally can't hash out a deal. Since he is in his option year, he wouldn't come to sk until next year anyways.

I would love that corps… Bring Clermon home! - He will deffinately improve our squad as a whole due to his amazing work ethic.

Clermont probably won't come home for another year until his contract runs out. It doesn't sound like he's very happy in BC.

Did you see the post game interview at the grey cup? He looked unhappy... when he should have been smiling after winning the grey cup!

No! Don't give up Grant, when you need some sort of crazy play to go down, he's the guy to call (that huge run in the Montreal game). But it does seem unlikely that Clermont will leave BC this year, given that he's in a good position with the team. It all comes down to his chat with Wally.

I just cannot see Buono trading Clermont for Grant and French. Grant and French do have their moments in the sun but it seems like more often than not you hear about Grant and French dropping passes. Someone said on this forum earlier this year that Grant couldn't catch a football with a fishing net. i tend to agree with them. You need to be consistently catching footballs not 50/50.

If Buono did this deal I would be surprised or Buono has something up his sleeve.

Buono might do a deal but I doubt he'd want either French or Grant. He might likely want more than Eric would be willing to part with at this point.

i would give Tillman a B on his report card if he could get Clermont on this team for the 2007 season :cowboy:

.......... and not give up Fantuz! :slight_smile:

I wonder if its just a negotiation ploy to get more money out of the Lions rather than being a disgruntled player.

Unfortunatley, I doubt the Lions will give up Clermont this season! He would be a great acquisition for the riders, but how could we possibly fit him into the salary cap right now? I agree that French and Grant are dead weight on the Roster. Both have had plenty of time to develop and have shown us nothing.

By next year I really don't see why we need to keep Marcus Crandall and Chris Szarka. Financially they just will no longer be worth it. If that be the case maybe we can afford Clermont?

If Clermont is traded Reggie will be the asking price, he wants to play with his brother and baby bro likes Vancouver. Clermont is not the answer this year we need to stabilize the dbs

Clermont will retire a Lion , give it up.

Just like everyone thought that Gretzky would retire and Oiler after he signed the contract that expired in 1999??

well i heard Clermont on the radio that morning and it sounded to me that we will be joining us faster than we know it :rockin: