Clermont vs BC

I'm thinking that Clermont is going to have a big game against the Leos. Don't think he doesn't have extra motivation to show up Wally Boo Boo.

That’s be suh-weet! I don’t care if it’s BC or not, Wally or not, that’s just business, but being a huge Clermont fan I would LOVE to see Clermont get the ball more frequently to see what he would do with it. However, he is the rotating guy in this recieving corps so it’s hard to say. I think a game plan that involves Clermont more is very predictable and therefore, proabably won’t happen. Unless Miller’s game plan involves BC not predicting Clermont getting the ball more, which means he will. My point being is with Mr. Miller and reverse psychology, or reverse reverse psychology, you just never know. :lol:

Clermont lines up as a tight end in some formations, and stays in to block. He actually did that on the long TD pass to Getzlaff - I remember seeing that and just before Durant threw the ball thinking to myself "that's weird keeping Clermont in to block on a 2nd and 10".....but hey, it worked.

My point is, it is a likely and logical progression out of this formation to leak him out as a receiver from the tight end spot. We've already seen a TE screen on occasion (last year we ran it with Szarka/Hughes as the TE) and this year we ran it once with Clermont, I think (the play he fumbled on) that's one progression out of that set, and there will likely be more routes we see from him in that spot. As defenses evolve against us, their focus will likely be to try and take away Cates and Dressler, meaning other players will gain prominence. So, in the formation I have described, this can be true for Clermont if he runs a pattern rather than stays in to block, and releases clean (which would be a total blown coverage by the defence not accounting for him), or, more likely, the Riders would look for a man to man situations, where by virtue of his position the defence matches up a LB against him. If the pre-snap read is that Clermont is locked up man to man with a LB, and both he and the QB read it, and he runs the correct route based on this read, he's probably the first look from the QB. We saw something sort of like this with Fantuz in Toronto. I don't know where he lined up, but he ended up with a man to man matchup against a LB, so in that situation he runs a corner route, and DD hit him for a touchdown.

So, after all of that, Clermont is likely due for a larger statistical game - not so much as a result of a conscious effort to do so (because it's BC or otherwise) but more so that it is the result of the evolution of the offence, and the inevitable response to how defences set up against us.

We know that we have a stable of quality receivers. The DB's can't double cover all the receivers; eventually Clermont will be 1 on 1 and he'll take the DB to school.