Clermont to stay home in Regina

VANCOUVER — Jason Clermont, an early present on the CFL free-agent market, is staying home this Christmas.

The Regina resident, and former B.C. Lions slotback, has an agreement in principle with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Late Thursday night, Clermont told other CFL teams that he has decided to sign with Saskatchewan. The Calgary Stampeders and Toronto Argonauts had also been in chase.

Welcome home Jason.

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Globe and Mail Update

December 12, 2008 at 12:58 AM EST


Jason and Fantuz are locks at slotback...who will be leaving?

Most of last year the Riders started one Canadian at slotback and one at wide receiver, though they run a five receiver set a lot of the time. If a Canadian receiver is the odd man out, I'd guess Stoney Creek's Corey Grant, who is getting a little long in the tooth at WR.

What's interesting to me is what they do with Dressler if Clermont and Fantuz take over the slots. Maybe move Dressler outside?

My guess is Flick will be Free
they have Dressler.
Vicent Marshall maybe be free
Chris Getzlaf could be Set lose

Tillman signed Clermont to deflect criticism away from himself. After the playoffs, what were Rider fans thinking? Tillman is an idiot becuase we have no one at QB. Now what are they thinking? Tillman is a genius because he signed the hometown kid!

Great, but they still have no QB, and receiver was their position of strength, so they will have to chop a quality guy there to make room for Clermont. It it will be more than Corey Grant, who is probably making peanuts.

My guess is Flick. Marshall I'm not sure, maybe will be brought to training camp and maybe will be set loose? I hope not, he played great for us when most of our receivers went down on us this year. And I highly doubt Chris Getzlaf will be gone. He loves it here in his hometown and he loves playing with the Riders (and he isn't a free agent,, and he's cheap) and will most likely play back up to Fantuz and Clermont

Why are you so worried? ET has been dropping hints that he will sign Durant, and I know he had a rough year but it could be because of looking over his shoulder and seeing Bishop. Durant came in 2008 soo confident he was the starting QB when Crandell was out with a hammy.
If Durant comes back this year (he will..) then I think we will see the Durant we saw the first games vs BC, Hamilton and Montreal.

We also have Dalton Bell, who EVERYONE in Riderville is high on. I trust their instincts because they watch him in practice, and I can't name one person who goes to practice, watches him, and isn't impressed.
NOT saying they WILL be here, but Chase Daniel and Paul Smith could be coming down here in 09..

So really I'm not worried about the quarterbacks.. now anyways. We'll see and let it all play out