Clermont to Start, Getzlaf to play Wide Out

So they're gonna give Clermont a starting role this weekend! Getzlaf will go back to his WR spot.

interesting moves.

anyone care to express their thoughts?

This could have been Miller's plan the whole season. Maybe there were questions about Jason's durability, and Miller, wanting him to be healthy for the stretch run, kept him from receiving too many reps. They were very impressed with him in preseason, and I hear he is practicing very well, plus he has played well getting a few more reps and getting some passes. I have been impressed with what he has shown so far, so I hope he rips it up.
Just a theory, I could be giving Miller way too much credit, in fact I probably am, but regardless I hope it works. I also hopes this keeps the Clermont groupies happy... because they have to remember that he is not and should not be a showcase receiver. A big body to distract the db's from Dressler and Fantuz.
I'm pumped for this game.

Real leaders are capable of seeing long term, not being driven by the here and now. You may be right as I often wonder if some coaches don't use the mid-season for experimentation, taking the risk that it might not pay off but knowing that 2nd (or 3rd) place still gets you into the show. The Edm to Wpg games really felt like experimenting (with P-Rod, etc.) but that now it is time to get down to business and make a serious run at it. Who knows, maybe we are just making up theories to try to explain reality ...

Who is Getzlaf replacing? I thought Koch was playing fairly well. I havent seen him play actually being at the game, but from what I have seen from tv he looked ok. Clermont could however be the secret weapon going into the playoffs.

Yes it is Koch that he is replacing. I think it is a ratio thing. Pretty cool, that with Cetoute playing as well, that we will have only 2 Imports available for reciever, Dressler and Grice-Mullen. And I doubt #3 gets many plays at wideout.

Cary and Jason are very different receivers in many ways. Most importantly, Jason has a great deal more experience with the Canadian game. Athletically, Jason is bigger, perhaps stronger, but slower. He is also a very good blocker and could funtion as a tight end. Cary, otoh, has an amazing sense of time and space, much like Fantuz, and therefore often is open and separated from defenders, particularly in cover 0.
I doubt that Miller had any long term plan this season to preserve Clermont for the stretch run. I think it is rather partly a ratio matter, and also part of a game plan which depends on whom the opponent is. I have been very high on Koch since TC, but have been a Clermont supporter from the time he came to the first Rider TC almost a decade ago.

I'm glad that Clermont had a good game (7 catches). Maybe next week he'll get that elusive TD...that would be great. The Canadian Air Force were excellent today! Nice win team!! I say a "B" for all three facets of the game. Grice Mullen is a definite upgrade at the KR position. What is it about Boreham and Grice-Mullen...deadly interactions on the field.

I thought Clermont was great. he looked like his foot speed has increased. Almost didn’t recognize him out there at first.

Just getting to a computer after attending the game. JC did not look out of place at all, imho. Good game for him and the whole team - not spectacular but the O seemed to just keep taking what the TO D was giving them ... all game. It was a very patient offence, I found. Nice to see they had it in them and don't always have to rely on the big play.