Clermont to sign an extension!

Riders fan site reporting Clermont is about to sign a 2 plus an option deal with the Lions.

This is outstanding news given there has been so much speculation of him signing with his hometown Riders in the off-season.

Now we get see No. 82 in orange for at least another 3 years.

Congrats to Jason and his family on the new contract from one very happy Lions fan!


I heard about it yesterday on the TEAM 1040, I was worried with the Riders recent success Claremont would be gone for sure

Me too. I had my doubts, especially after the earlier reports back in April and May.

Glad we have him "locked" up for a while!

yeah baby

Take that Riders fans!


I got a little worried there for a while

I had a feeling he'd sign. Mgmt. is too smart to let a guy like him go.