Clermont retires....

It's sad to see him go, he was a tough sob.

Sad to see him go, but the Riders didn't use him properly. I think he sill had some stuff in the basement when he got here, but the coaching didn't really give him a chance, and I think what was left kind of just burnt up.

Prolly should have retired a year or two ago, was never the same player in SSK as he was in BC. Great Canadian talent in his prime, though. He was a monster slot at his peak.


He retired when BC released him.

Yep. Wally knew what he was doing when he released him. Was a heck of a football player for BC, but all those tough catches caught up to him, and was never that great in Sask. If he wasn't a Regina boy he would have been released last year if not the year before. (pure conjecture on my part)

This guy was the epitome of what a football player should be. Tough, classy, humble and the ultimate team guy.

Always respected the way he played, tough and he just looked like a football player all the way, you could tell he breathed Canadian football and Grey Cup all the way.

I have to agree. Will not find a better teammate I don't think.

And fair is fair, even though he wasn't used much in Regina, every time they called his number, he came through.

Agree 100%... just as an aside Earl a Bomber logo? Lose a bet or something?