Clermont is the man.

Can't believe Clermont got up after that hit by Loftus. Not only did he get up, he caught the ball and held on. Probably one of the best hits I've seen all season in the CFL.

Way to go Clermont.

I also thought Buck looked pretty good in his limited action.

Yeah. That was huge. Everyone in my section stood up to give Clermont a standing ovation. It looked like other sections did too. It seemed to give the Lions more energy when normally a hit like that would give the defence a lift.

Yeah, everyone in our section (43) and the neighbouring sections got up to to applaud JC's reception AND attitude after that hit.

Yah I was watching to see if he went to the sidelines b ut he stayed in. Hes tuogh this isnt hockey.

sorry, i know this is BC forum, but as an Eskie lover, I have to say Clermont's move to jump up so quickly after that great hit was class-less... let Loftus enjoy his moment!

Why let Loftus enjoy a moment wherein he did zero damage to someone, either physically or mentally? I loved Clermont's immediate jump-up...

Clermont is a stud. Good Regina boy. We had you beat. You make a big play. Winnipeg was about to tie you. You make a play. Edmonton was about to win. You stop them. Edmonton was about to get the ball back. Maybe win. Clermont makes catch of the year. You keep the ball and win. You are damn good. Riders are too. West final should be a war.

I could say something about your war comment austin but I know what context it is to be taken in so maybe think what the context of others posts are.

War. Bad word to use at this time. Meant to praise Clermont, Lions, Riders. That's all I meant.

That proved Clermont defines class...and grit.
Never let a guy know he hurt you...Loftus gets nothing.
And I'll wager most Esk fans disagree with you.

u see the eskimo guy leave like 2 mins into the game lol. :lol:

Hes not the man, HES THE MONSTER!

That was a sweet catch! Glad we have him locked up for a couple more years.