Clermont gone somewhere that I don't know?

This article, ... &nid=15321, in the Vancouver Province and published on this site, is about Dickenson's salary negotiations. But the last paragraph states ""I've got my contract. I'm happy, but I'm in a simular situation to [former Lions slotback] Jason Clermont. I'd like to sign an extension," Dickenson said."

The text in square brackets is what perplexes me. Did I miss something in the last little while and Clermont get shipped out on one of them tankers hanging around Burrard Inlet or is this a "typo"?

Maybe Mr. Ullrich knows something we don't?

Saw the same articale myself. Maybe he is somewhere on the St. Lawrence river by now considering all the rumors. I could see Bono trading him to some team other than to the Riders who desperately want him and probably getting him next year in free agency. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

Nothing to read into it. Both are under contract for the 2007 season only. Whether they get signed to extension is any ones guess. But barring a trade, they will both play here in 2007.

Dickenson told Rick Dhaliwahl on yesterdays noon sports, that he intends to honour his contract for this year whether there is an extension or not.

Sloppy editting by the Province

Quite likely - what a gem of journalistic superiority that rag is.

Yea .... stuff happens

The Zone got confirmation that it was an error

I heard a rumour that someone spotted him about a week ago ice fishing on Wascana creek in front of the Sask leg.... :lol:

...or they seen him looking at new homes in Regina...

He should be.....He has his Real Estate Licence there.

I hate to admit it, but I think 2007 is the last year we'll see him in a Lions Uniform. I think the Riders will get him for 2008. (I hope I'm wrong!)

I dont!

The Lions would require Fantuz, another starter and a 1st draft pick for Clermont and a 2nd rounder... :stuck_out_tongue:


Wally is stubborn and will play the short term gain .... keeping Jason for 2007

...and getting nothing for his longer term value

This is typical Buono .... waste away assets like Caseymania, Barrin Simpson and now Clermont

Buono blows as an asset manager :thdn:

Personally I would rather have Fantuz. No he isn't completely proven yet. But I think he has more potential.
Plus I don't really like Jason. I don't know him personally but I knew some of his friends, and have heard lots about him, and well he just isn't my type of person. Hell of a football player though.

I would too ... especially longer term

With "Tillspin" (credit BSD) continuing to add receivers ... any potental Rider's offer for Clermont .... is "crashing"

Buono blows another one :oops:

You are correct on this one.

What are you going to marry him? He is a good football player but why would you say he is not your type. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Not if Clermont plays out his option year....we get Squat in 2008




Zip! :wink: :wink:

Casey wanted the NFL so bad that he ignored his agent and said no to a $1.2M deal.

Simpson, like Printers, was selfish, and becoming a lockerroom distraction, and thus needed to go.

Claremont, well, right now no one knows what's going on with him. He may yet get an extension, or he may choose to return home, get married, and play for the Riders for a couple of years before retiring to real estate.

I met Claremont when he came to my house for a haircut from my wife, he was a very nice guy.

Lowell Ulrich (CFL Writer for the Province Newspaper) was on with Sportstalk on Monday night. He says don't be too quick to rule out Clermont getting an extension.

Ulrich has been pretty reliable with his sources in the past. A Marty York he is not!

I Wont Disagree red :lol: