Clermont gone after this season.....

Any one hear Rick Dhaliwahl's noon sportcast yesterday? Wally made a contract extension offer to Jason Clermont. Clermont was quoted as saying (along the line of)

"The contract offer is very fair, but I live in Regina, Sell Real Estate in Regina, and I'm getting Married in Regina."

Too bad. I'll miss him after the 2007 season..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

That is to bad indeed but not unexpected.

...once he dons the green and white the boasting from the rider fans will be insufferable...

Until they lose.

Hey RedandWhite and pennw, I am a Rider fan and for the most part we don't need an excuse (and since '89 haven't much had one) to boast and make other fans lives insufferable. Win, lose or draw we are just eternal optomists and support the Riders (the world's favourite team ) as well as any fans should.

A few of them are already planning the parade route in 2079

oops 2009

I believe that we, as Rider fans, have a standing committee to plan the parade route at least 3 years in yes the 2009 route has been planned. (it would be sweet to actually be able to use it though)

What I don't get is Clermont was willing to sign an extension just before the Grey Cup but was ticked Wally had other players as higher priorities — Johnson, Glatt, Jackson, Pierce, Phillips and Miles among others.
So now he has decided the best move for his family and career after football is to play for the Riders? Fair enough but that's not what his thoughts were back in November.

If the Lions could get a decent prospect or even a high draft choice, I would move him now.

Trouble is, Saskatchewan can wait, and sign Clermont after the season and not have to give up any compensation.

Although that route carries the risk of injury for them .

The funny thing is Clermont has accomplished just about everything possible during his career as a Lion.... most outstanding rookie, most outstanding canadian and now a Grey Cup championship.

He is a terrific player but also benefits greatly from being part of a highly productive offence with outstanding quarterbacks.
Good luck seeing the ball as much with the Riders as long as Joseph or Crandell are under centre.
Also those playoff bonus cheques are no longer a guaranteed thing either.

If his heart is in Regina then it would be best to move on rather than revisit the Barrin Simpson saga from ’05.

I know, I was teasing the Rider Posters that this year will probably be Clermonts last year being on a Grey Cup Championship team! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


They didn’t have a sense of humour…

The only trouble for B.C. (like Sportsmen commented on) is that we are already stacked at the receiver position and can afford to wait a year.

Thyron Anderson
Jason Armstead
Matt Dominguez
Andy Fantuz
D.J. Flick
Jason French
Khalil Hill
Corey Grant
Curtis Jackson (ex NFLer)
David McKoy (1st round choice in 07)
Joshua Tinch (ex NFLer)
Craig Yeast

Of course we won't keep all these guys, but you have to admit there are some pretty lethal names in that receiving core. Until the end of next season, I think it's safe to say our receiving core is in good shape and can afford to wait for Jason Clermont via free agency.

I USED to be a huge a Clermont fan. My 50th jersey has his # crested on it and I don't get crested jersies very often.

But what I have seen in the papers from him has made me lose a LOT of respect.

But whatever. The life of a football player isn't very long in the spotlight so he has to make the most of what time he does have. It's unfortunate that this has gone the way it has, but the Lions will make do with or without him.

And truthfully, maybe it is better the Lions DON'T sign him to an extension until we know his knees can truly hold up to the demands of a full season.

Plus there is always the option of trading out East as well. Toronto is hosting the GC this year and may want to get a slot to try and make a serious run at being in the big game on their own turf. Even if it is only for 1 year.

Why would you lose respect for him? He has roots in Regina! In fact, with all the egotistical cry-babies in Baseball and Basketball, I give Clermont Credit for honouring his contract until the end of the season instead of demanding a trade.

Yes I'm going to miss him. Yes I will be cheering if our DB's lays a good lick on him once he changes colours, but I will respect his integredy of playing out his contract.

Still as a fan it's a little difficult understand why he would want to leave such a good situation.
Not only a winning organization and a receiver happy offence but Clermont is also already one of the highest paid receivers in the league (reportedly at $130,000) and a raise on top of that. We're only talking about a 6-month season too.

Will the Riders be in a position to even pay him his ’07 salary or will he sign for a hometown discount?

Maybe things would have been different if Clermont met a Vancouver girl. I'm just glad like Brent Johnson doesn't want to return to his Ontario roots.

By drafting Nicolson the Lions are getting ready for life without Clermont. I would like to see him get quality playing time this season for that reason.

[quote="Miles_9"]Still as a fan it's a little difficult understand why he would want to leave such a good situation.

Maybe things would have been different if Clermont met a Vancouver girl. I'm just glad like Brent Johnson doesn't want to return to his Ontario roots.


Thats it Miles 9! We might still have time! Lets take Jason out to all the good places to meet a Vancouver Girl!

Number 5 Orange, :wink:
The Penthouse Lounge, :wink:
Mugs & Jugs, :wink:

We might keep him yet!

It will be awesome to see Clermont in green and white next year, but I wish he would have been a Rider much much sooner.

If Clermont had been a Rider earlier then he wouldn't have a Grey Cup ring to show Riders fans. LOL

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