Clermont Fined

Can’t believe the League actually fell for that one trick pony show in Calgary.

Denny Creehan went boohoo because one of his poor poor pitiful me players (re: Chatman) got hurt when he tried to play with the big boys (2nd time btw) so he goes out and claims the Lions had a bounty on Calgary players. Get this though, a $60 bounty. Yeah, that’s gonna get someone motivated. :roll: Guess only in Calgrya …

Anyhow, he whines and complains like the two little girls they have as receivers - you know Tricky and Copafeel - and the wimpy League decides to fine both Creehan and Clermont.

A complete and utter joke which does NOTHING but tarnish the image of the League. A fine to one of the classiest players this league has?? Give your head a shake. Where was the fine on Tricky when he cheapsotted Wiltshire and probably ended his career? There have been countless “cheap” shots that were MUCH worse and gone unpunished. Hell there have been much worse penalties NOT called ( I could put together a hilite reel on uncalled illegal hits to our QB’s versus the flags that Burris has drawn when he wears his tutu) than this one which was nothing more than players go full speed on a field.

Anyhow, I would like to see the fans step up and send in their thoughts on this abyssmal display by the League. Also, this weekend against the Ticats - let’s show the League and Jason Clermont how much we stand behind him. Signs, posters and especially CHEERS when he is introduced would certainly be a step in the right direction.

Creehan - Classless
Clermont - ALL CLASS

Creehan - stay home. Go Riders!

I agree, i am not going to be there this saturday but my cheers to Jason.

This act by the league is going to turn off a lot of people of the cfl, and hopefully it does not effect the crowed for the WF.

that was absolute (edit) that JC got fined

Did any one see the clip in question?

...LFITQ that's a riot....I mean I don't think JC should've been fined either, and I think Creehan was out of line and deserved a fine, but to take it to the level you have issues man, seek help....

I found my Answer (Province Newspaper)

Clermont = $500.00
Creehan = $1,000.00

R&W - I think you are off base thinking that LIFTQ took it too far. That JC should receive a fine is ludicrous. He did nothing that doesn't happen on many other plays in any given game.

It is sad that the league got $ucked in by Creehan. Maybe they should re-assess Creehan's fine and double it for wasting the league's time with such drivel. I didn't see the play, but have heard it described as JC looking in another direction than Chatham, all the time falling and off balance. It was the natural trajectory of his leg that caused the contact, not a malicious intent to injure.

This is truly pathetic. I can't believe the CFL officials could be so gullible. I would hate to be Calgary if they play the Lions later in the year - this will come back to haunt them.

It was crap. I saw the clip, JC was turning to complete his assignment at the same time that Chatman was falling to the ground, towards JC. The contact was incidental at worst.

The fine on JC was BS of the highest odor, and should be reversed. But if not, and if the Stamps are lucky enough to get past the Riders, they will pay on the 12th.

What a crock...R & W you're talking about taking something too far? Now that's the classic pot calling the kettle scenario. Figures. Typical. You claiming someone else has issues is like saying Calgary has a nice ocean view. I think we all know who has the issues here... and it's not us Lion's fans....shall I bring up 8 pages per post that you composed when you had an issue? Geeesh, give us all a break, o.k.?

( you ever leave this place? Perhaps time to get a life?)'re absolutely right and we should bombard the league with this...Clermont of all people. One of the classiest players in the CFL. A disgusting black mark on Canadian football, for sure. deb I have a great life, there you go being cruel again, ever heard of love thy fellow man? Guess not, and here I thought we had a truce, thanks for breaking it.....btw, thanks for your little gift in the stamps room, petty and juvenile as it was....

....y'all have fun all revelling in crying over JC's fine....I agree that JC's fine wasn't justified, too bad you're all to righteous to overlook that in your attacks...

...on the league decsion to fine JC though, if you seriously think that it happened for something Creehan said, you'd be wrong....really think about that....don't think with emotion right away, go for a walk, have a coffee, whatever you need to process it, think logically and then think again....

...I'm done with this try to be respectful and put your point out for discussion and all that comes back is low-brow comments questioning one's intelligence, religious demeanour, physical traits, etc.....enjoy your forum.....I once policed this room in light that the BC fans did not have a mod that could do so for them, the other mods will need to take over from here, if they so desire....

People don't listen to this guy, in fact I encourage you all to block all his comments, all he does is try and cause trouble and doesn't want to talk about anything, and just wants to make people angry so he can get his kicks.

Henceforth how someone like me is a diehard BC Lions fan with only 30 posts and he has 5,000 plus votes talking the same crap over and over again. Just search all his posts and see for yourself.

He is probably the most arrogant, condescending, sarcastic, belittling, egotistical person I've ever encountered. Even when he pretends he's being nice - he still gets jabs in....what, do we look stupid? And he just doesn't know how very unbecoming that is...while he's ticking people off he's also showing his clear intentions to do nothing but that. Unbelievable.