Clermont close to contract extension with the Lions

Word on the Team 1040 post-game show was Clermont signing an extension is imminent with just the language of the contract needing to be finalized.

Great news for Lions fans!


Crap lol

i am just wondering but....

is geroy simon a free agent at the end of this season?


I suspected the "i woudl like to be in Regina" was just a negotiating tacit. Glad to hear he is re-signing...he will be missed in Saskatchewan. If he signs before the game in two weeks against Saskatchewan, I wonder if the fans will get on his case....

Just wondering where all the Riders fans are that pretty much guarenteed that he'd be a Rider next season. No wonder they're not responding in this thread.

Why because he did not sign with them. Are you going to get a Clermont su-cks tshirt. :lol: :lol: Some Rider fans mentality is questionable.

Im a fan, and I even said I dont want him, because we dont need him.

I love Rider fans. All over Clermont when you think he's available, and pretend you never wanted him when you hear he wants to stay in BC. Clermont would be a top two receiver of yours by the way.

And I can guarentee you that if Clermont decided to become a free-agent that Tillman would go very hard after him. No doubt in my mind he’d throw big money at him.

How can a player be missed if he never played here to begin with?.. Washington looks like he is a good receiver, with Flick , Fantuz, Murphy, Dominguez, Grant. Why would the fans get on his case for? He was never a Rider, there was only speculation that he would sign here.. that all it was, sometimes I wonder if you band your head against a cement wall to numb your brain when you post here...

See this is exactly why nobody respects you on here.... :roll: Go read my past posts on this subject.

jman, saying that you don't want Clermont on the Riders after you hear he's probably re-signing with the Lions is like asking a girl out, getting turned down and saying you never liked her in the first place.

Go read my past posts... We dont need him. I have said that time and time again.

And that's why Eric Tillman is the Riders GM and not jman_135. Tilly would be very stupid to not go after Clermont if he becomes a free-agent. Both you and I know that Clermont would be a top 2 receiver on the Riders. He's also Canadian, if you didn't already know that.

Anyhow, it's water under the bridge. He's probably staying put in the promise land anyways.

You obviously dont read pots, jman has said all along that he didnt want Clermont to sign with Riders if he became a FA. The girl didnt turn him down, because he was never interested in her to begin with!

Why dont we wait untill its actually signed.....and officially announced.

jman...lets see who are current starters,


and an injured Murphy who would likely replace Washington.

I would say the following would be a much better line-up.


Add to that I don't think Yo Murphy will be around next year.

The rest of our Canadians are unproven.

He was never interested in her because he knew he never had a chance at her, and he's happy with sub-par women it seems.